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Research, Professional and Creative Activity

Published Articles:

  • Articulate as Rain (book)
  • Bachelor Pad (book)
  • Cracks in the Invisible (book)
  • “Another Way of Breaking the Pentameter” (essay)
  • “How to Meet the Love of Your Life: A Basic Guide” (poem)
  • “The Reclamation of Paradise” (poem)
  • “When I Whistle This Tune” (poem)
  • “You Just Have to Follow It"(poem) 
  • “Meant, in Time, to Crack " (poem)


  • Johns Hopkins University, M.F.A. Carleton College, B.A. 

Area of Research:

  • Prosody, especially uncommon alternatives to free verse: accentual-syllabic adaptations of classical meters, syllabics, counted verse, and disguised forms
  • Ultra-talk poetry as an outgrowth of the New York school, vers de société, and Erasmus’s abundant style
  • Mid-twentieth-century formalists and the New Formalism
  • Poetry in translation: Horace, Dante, the classical Chinese tradition
  • Intersections between literary and religious traditions, especially Christianity and Chan/Zen Buddhism
  • Improvisational music and American roots music

Professional Profile

Stephen Kampa holds a BA in English Literature from Carleton College and an MFA in Poetry from the Johns Hopkins University. His first book, Cracks in the Invisible, won the 2010 Hollis Summers Poetry Prize and the 2011 Gold Medal in Poetry from the Florida Book Awards. His second book, Bachelor Pad, appeared from Waywiser Press. His poems have appeared in Yale Review, Southwest Review, Raritan, Poetry Northwest, Hopkins Review, First Things, and Cincinnati Review among others. His poetry has also been awarded the Theodore Roethke Prize, the Collins Prize, first place in the River Styx International Poetry Contest, and multiple Pushcart nominations. He appears in Best American Poetry 2018. His third collection, Articulate as Rain, was published in March of 2018 by Waywiser. 

Teaching and Related Service

Classes Taught:

  • ENG 152: Topics in College Writing
  • ENG 172: Topics in College Writing: Honors
  • ENG 202: Introduction to Literature
  • ENG 440: Metaphysicals and Cavaliers
  • CRW 205: Introduction to Poetry Writing
  • CRW 306: Advanced Poetry Writing
  • CRW 492: Independent Study: Poetic Imitation 

More Information

Office Hours (On Campus):

  • Monday: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM