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Morgan Gallo

Morgan Gallo

Social Media Manager and Content Producer


Research, Professional and Creative Activity

A 2017 graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. She enjoys interacting with students through social media and getting to know St. Augustine as a newer resident. 

As the Social Media Manager and Content Producer, Morgan manages the College's official social channels as we as the Flagler brand across all college social media channels. As a content producer, Morgan is responsible for many of the College's video and social media design projects. Her favorite projects being the creation of two video series: 

  • Passion Project- a video series about students who are pursuing their passion while at Flagler College 
  • Just A Minute- a video series that gives professors one minute to explain their research to the public 

Areas of Specialty: 

  • Social Media Management 
  • Digital Brand Strategy 
  • Video Content Management- production to implementation 
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Social Media Advertising