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Michelle Woodhouse

Michelle Woodhouse

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Professional Profile

Dr. Woodhouse, a native of Jamaica, holds a Ph.D. in Evaluation (Marketing Cognate) from Western Michigan University, an MBA in Marketing and International Business from the Baruch College Zicklin School of Business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Norfolk State University. She also completed four years of combined study in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Agency Management at Centro de Delicia’s School of Tourism and Spanish Language and Culture at La Escuela Official de Idiomas in Madrid, Spain. 

Professor Woodhouse began her lifelong passion to teach when she entered academia as an Assistant Professor of Business at Olivet College in Michigan.  She later accepted a faculty position at Catawba College in North Carolina, accumulating 14 years of teaching experience.  Courses she instructed include Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Principles of Advertising, and Global Marketing Perspectives.  Her style of teaching goes beyond the instruction of theoretical concepts, incorporating a hands-on approach involving meaningful group projects reflective of workplace expectations. 

As an important contributor to her teaching effectiveness, Dr. Woodhouse has a considerable amount of private industry experience.  She has held management positions in the hotel and international trade finance software industries and has extensive experience as a marketing consultant with Bizjump Inc., a small business-consulting firm in New York.  As a marketing consultant, she developed business and marketing plans for clients and made recommendations concerning the viability of potential business ventures.  She worked mainly with minority clients and assisted in the successes of several profitable small businesses in the New York area.  

Professor Woodhouse’s main areas of research interest are Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service Training Programs, and Evaluation in the Service Industry.  As a member of the American Evaluation Association, she presented a paper entitled “The Evaluative Nature of the Strategic Management Process” at an annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.  She also co-authored the article “Enhancing the Strategic Management Process through the use of Evaluation Methods” which was published in the Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation in April 2016.  She is currently working on two case studies evaluating the customer service training programs in the healthcare sector of the service industry. 

On Campus, Professor Woodhouse participates in Day of Service and is the advisor to the Flagler College Women’s soccer club.  She is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish and French), and enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures.She combines her international, teaching, and corporate experience in her endeavor to transform her students into innovative business leaders.

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Office Hours (On Campus):

  • Monday: 9:55 AM - 10:55 AM
  • Tuesday: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:55 AM - 10:55 AM
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