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Lori Lee

Lori Lee

Associate Professor of Humanities


Research, Professional and Creative Activity

Dr. Lee’s publications include:
2017 Health Consumerism among Enslaved Virginians.  In Material Worlds: 
Archaeology, Consumption, and the Road to Modernity, edited by Barbara Heath, Lori Lee, and Eleanor Breen. Routledge: Oxfordshire, UK.
2013  The Discourse of Slavery: Freedom and the Negotiation of Power and Identity in Context. Transatlantica: American Studies Journal 2(2012). URL:
2013 Beads, Coins, and Charms at a Poplar Forest Slave Cabin (1833-1858). Northeast Historical Archaeology 40:104-122.
2012 Carved in Stone: Stone Smoking Pipes at Historic Sites in Central Virginia. In 
Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest: Unearthing a Central Virginia Plantation, edited by Barbara Heath and Jack Gary, pp.187-214. University Press of Florida: Gainesville. 
2012 Consumerism, Social Relations, and Antebellum Slavery at Poplar Forest. In  Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest: Unearthing a Central Virginia Plantation, edited by Barbara Heath and Jack Gary, pp.234-260. University Press of Florida: Gainesville.

Professional Profile

Dr. Lee earned her Ph.D. in Anthropology specializing in Historical Archaeology from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and an M.A. and B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her areas of specific interest include African Diaspora, gender, material culture, migration, and memory. 

Teaching and Related Service

Cultural Anthropology                                       Physical Anthropology

Introduction to Anthropology                            African Diaspora Religions

Historical Archaeology                                      Pseudoarchaeology

Patterns in Prehistory                                         Social Life of Things

Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean              American Culture: Activism and Social Change

Archaeology Field School                                  African Diaspora Archaeology

Culture and Community                                     Stuff: Learning from Things

Introduction to Archaeology                              Forensic Anthropology

Artifact Analysis                                                Culture and Madness

Urban Anthropology                                          Magic and Religion

Advanced Cultural Anthropology                      Art and Anthropology

America in the Caribbean: Imperialism, Identity, and Migration

Faculty advisor to the Archaeology Club

Previously taught at:

  • Randolph College
  • George Mason University

More Information

Office Hours  (On Campus):

  • Monday: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM