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Lee Newsom

Professor of Anthropology


Research, Professional and Creative Activity

I am an archaeologist, paleoethnobotanist, and wood anatomist. My research involves work with preserved plant remains from archaeological and paleontological sites, and is generally directed toward trying to unravel some of the deep history and inter-complexities of the human- environmental relationship. I work primarily with plant macroremains, including wood, seeds, and other organs, and in a variety of preservation states (carbonized, waterlogged, desiccated). I employ these data sets to explore details of ancient environments and past biodiversity, and use that as a basis on which to focus on human use of biotic resources, emphasizing subsistence systems, resource selection and sustainability, and the domestication of plant species, as a general approach to understanding the environmental, demographic, and social impacts of prehistoric and historic subsistence economies, the emergence of an agricultural way of life, and more. I work primarily in Florida and the Caribbean islands where in collaboration with other archaeologists I have identified the presence of ancient cultivars, plants used in ritual or for medicinal purposes, fuel and fiber resources, and more, along with evidence bearing on the sustainability of biotic resource use and economic practices. Cultural and island biogeographic factors have considerable relevance and inform much of my research.

Currently, the primary projects with which I am involved include a series of Florida and Caribbean Indian sites, in collaboration with archaeologists at the University of Alabama, the University of Miami; and with the Departmento Centro Oriental de Arqueología, CISAT, Holguín, Cuba; Leiden University, Netherlands; and University College London.

Dr. Newsom is involved with several interdisciplinary projects focused on the emergence of social complexity and political-economic dynamics in the Caribbean, especially on Cuba and Puerto Rico, on the one hand, and on the other, Paleoindian and Early Archaic human ecology in the Southeastern, US, especially Florida. These are or have been variously supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, The Heinz Family Foundation, and the Consejo para la Protección del Patrimonio Arqueológico Terrestre de Puerto Rico.

Caribbean and lowland South America, eastern North America, environmental archaeology, paleoethnobotany.

Professional Profile


Recent Publications:

Ostapkowicz, J., R. Schulting, R. Wheeler, L. Newsom, F. Brock, I. Bull, and C. Snoeck (2017). East-central Florida pre-Columbian wood sculpture: radiocarbon dating, wood identification and strontium isotope studies. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports 13:595-608. 

Peña, C., E. Córdova, L. Newsom, N. Navarro, S. Sigarreta, and G. Vegué (2017). Distribution and abundance of Tyrannus cubensis (giant kingbird) in eastern Cuba. BirdsCaribbean, the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology special issue Status of Caribbean Forest Endemics, 30(1):10-23.

Wang, Y., P. D. Heintzman, L. Newsom, N. H. Bigelow, M. J. Wooller, B. Shapiro, J. W. Williams (2017). The southern coastal Beringian land bridge: cryptic refugium or pseudorefugium for woody plants during the Last Glacial Maximum? Journal of Biogeography 44(7):1559-1571.

Beck, R.A., L.A. Newsom, C.B. Rodning, and D.G. Moore (2017). Spaces of entanglement: labor and construction practice at Fort San Juan de Joara. Historical Archaeology 15(2), published on line 21 April 2017, DOI 10.1007/s41636-017-0022-6.

Gifford, J.A., S.H. Koski, L. Newsom, L. Milideo, and E. Reinhardt (2017). Little Salt Spring: Excavations on the 27-Meter Ledge, 2008-2011. Chapter 4 in The Archaeology of Underwater Caves, P.B. Campbell, ed. Highfield Press Southampton, Chandlers Ford, UK.

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Thompson, V.D., W.H. Marquardt, A. Cherkinsky, A. Roberts Thompson, K. Walker, and L. Newsom (2016). From Shell Midden to Shell Mound: The Geochronology of Mound Key, an Anthropogenic Island in Southwest Florida, USA. PLOS ONE 11(4): e0154611. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0154611 

Hutchinson, D.L., L. Norr, T. Schober, W.H. Marquardt, K.J. Walker, L.A. Newsom, and C.M. Scarry (2016). The Calusa and Prehistoric Subsistence in Central and South Gulf Coast Florida, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 41:55–73.

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Kistler, L., L.A. Newsom, T.M. Ryan, A.C. Clarke, B.D. Smith, G.H. Perry (2015). Gourds and squashes (Cucurbita spp.) adapted to megafaunal extinction and ecological anachronism through domestication. PNAS 1112(49):15107-15112, doi: 10.1073/pnas.

Newsom, L.A. (2015) Wood Selection and Technology in Structures 1 and 5, pp. 150-232 in The Limits of Empire: Colonialism and Household Practice at the Berry Site, 1567-1568, edited by R. Beck, D. Moore, and C. Rodning. University Presses of Florida.

Ostapkowicz, J., and L. Newsom (2015). Dioses...decorados con la aguja del bordador: los materiales, la confección y el significado de un relicario Taíno de algodón. Spanish translation of original publication in Latin American Antiquity 23(3): 300-326 (2012); chapter 7 in El Zemí Taíno de Algodón, Bernardo Vega, ed., pp. 131-172, Academia Dominicana de la Historia, Santo Domingo.

Vetter, L., K.M. Schreiner, B.E. Rosenheim, B. Kohl, B.M. Steinmetz, L. Newsom, and T.E. Törnqvist (2015) Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of coastal marsh successions during early Holocene sea-level rise, Goldschmidt geochemistry conference, Geochemical Society and the European Assn. Geochemistry (

Newsom L.A. (2014) Environmental Archaeology. Pp. 143-150 in Encyclopedia of Caribbean Archaeology, edited by B. Reid and G. Gilmore. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

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Research Interests

Human ecology, Paleoethnobotany, Paleoecology, Environmental Archaeology, Wood Anatomy


2002 MacArthur Fellow

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