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Jessica Veenstra

Professor of Natural Science, Natural Sciences Department Chair


Research, Professional and Creative Activity

My research interests are broad and include: environmental science, geography, soil change, food and agriculture, and coastal erosion and shoreline management. Recently, I have been interested in using constructed oysters reefs as “living shorelines” to protect salt marshes from erosion, as well as using drones to monitor shoreline change over time.

  • Dean's Award for Excellence in Professional Development

Hurricane Matthew's Affect on Local Beaches

Professional Profile

Ph.D. Iowa State University (Environmental Science, Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture)
M.S. University of California, Davis (Soil and Biogeochemistry)
B.S. University of California, Davis (Environmental Resource Sciences)

Teaching and Related Service

Courses Taught

NAS 105 Earth Science
NAS 107 Environmental Science
NAS 225 Science Communication
NAS 215 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
NAS 243 Physical Geography
NAS 355 Coastal Processes
NAS 470 Coastal Environmental Science Capstone
FlagSHIP Study Abroad to Jordan

More Information

Google Scholar Profile


*Undergraduate authors from Flagler College

Southwell, M., J. Veenstra, C. Blanco*, S. Bowen*, T. Chaya*, T. Cooper-Kolb*, P. Marcum, P. McCaul*,  2023. Controls on Surface and Downcore Sedimentary Organic Matter in a Constructed Oyster Reef. Sustainability 2023, 15, 12584.

Veenstra, J.J., M. Southwell, N. Dix, P. Marcum, J. Jackson*, C. Burns*, C. Herbert*, A. Kemper*. 2021 High Carbon Accumulation Rates in Sediment Adjacent to Constructed Oyster Reefs, NE Florida, USA. Journal of Coastal Conservation 25(4):1-11

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Chaya, T.*, Mentors: J.J. Veenstra, M. Southwell. 2019. After Hurricanes Irma and Matthew: Living Shorelines Stabilize Sediments. American Journal of Undergraduate Research. 16(2). 63-72

Southwell, M., J.J. Veenstra, C. Adams*, E. Scarlett*, K. Payne*, 2017. Changes in Sediment Characteristics Upon Oyster Reef Restoration, NE Florida, USA. Journal of Coastal Zone Management. 20(442), 2

McGinley, E., A. O’Connor*, E. Vazquez*, and J. Veenstra. 2016. Analysis of the nearshore fish community in a northeast Florida estuary. Southeastern Naturalist. 15(4):613-640.

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Van Meter, K., N. Basu, J. Veenstra, C.L. Burras. 2016. The nitrogen legacy: emerging evidence of nitrogen accumulation in anthropogenic landscapes. Environmental Research Letters. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/035014

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Office Hours (On Campus)

  • Monday: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM