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Greenberry Taylor

Greenberry Taylor

Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication


Research, Professional and Creative Activity


  • Taylor, G., Alpert, J., Franklin, TW, Bylund, C.L. (2021). Streaming mindfulness: exploring the viability of a video streaming service as an effective intervention for promoting mindfulness and wellbeing. Internet Interventions, 25, 100419.
  • Bylund CL, Taylor G., Mroz E., Wilkie DJ, Yao Y., Emanuel L., Fitchett G., Handzo G., Chochinov HM, Bluck S. (In Press) Empathic communication in Dignity Therapy: Feasibility of measurement and descriptive findings. Palliative and Supportive Care.
  • Taylor, G., Radhakrishnan, N., Fisher, C.L., Price, C., Tighe, P., Le, T., Bylund, C.L. (2021). A qualitative analysis of clinicians’ communication strategies with family members of patients experiencing hospital-acquired delirium. Geriatric Nursing (42), 694-699.
  • Taylor, G., Addie, Y., Burchett, J., Durkin, C., Ledford, C., & Crawford, P. (2020). “Miracle” or “Medicine”: A turning point analysis of patients’ and physicians’ shifting views on acupuncture. Medical Acupuncture, 32(5), 263-271.
  • Mullis, D., Kastrinos, A., Wollney, E., Taylor, G., Bylund, C.L. (2020). International barriers to parent-child communication about sexual and reproductive health topics: a qualitative systematic review. Sex Education, 1-17.
  • Walsh-Childers, K., Odedina, F., Poitier, A., Kaninjing, E., & Taylor, G. (2018). Choosing channels, sources, and content for communicating prostate cancer information to black men: a systematic review of the literature. American Journal of Men’s Health, 12(5), 1728–1745.



  • Ph.D. –University of Florida | Focus on health communication and emerging technologies
  • M.S. – University of Florida | Focus on journalism, marketing, and mass communication
  • B.S. – Spring Hill College | Focus on long-form narrative journalism and design


Area of Research:

Dr. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Health Communication and focuses on the intersection of mental health and emerging technology. He is interested in exploring patients/users’ experiences interacting with different types of technologies such as mobile apps, streaming services, and telemedicine. Additionally, he is passionate about examining how popular culture such as sports and entertainment play a role in shaping individual’s perceptions and understanding of mental health, and the impact it has on public narratives surrounding health-related topics. His goal is to create translational research that can help clinicians, industry professionals, and communication specialists develop effective communication strategies.

Professional Profile

Dr. Taylor is currently in his second year at Flagler College in the Department of Communication, previously teaching at the University of Florida and Spring Hill College. Prior to entering academia, he worked for over a decade as a journalist, specializing in long-form narrative writing and sports photography. He also has extensive experience working in the live music industry, working in Artist Relations for festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and the Electric Daisy Carnival. He strives to incorporate his industry experience and elements of popular culture (music, film, journalism) into his lessons to help make engage students and make topics more digestible and relatable. Most importantly, Dr. Taylor believes in showing compassion toward others, and expects his students to do the same. He believes this allows students to cultivate a genuine respect for others and themselves, and in turn creates a comfortable environment in which diversity is welcomed and students are comfortable, excited about learning, and engaged in the process.

Teaching and Related Service

Classes Taught:

  • COM 208 – Introduction to Media
  • COM 403 – PR/Strategic Communication Research
  • COM 463 – PR/Strategic Communication Campaigns
  • COM 493 – Advanced Research Methods

More Information

Dr. Taylor remains active in health communication research. He works with Flagler College faculty as well as faculty from various institution such as the University of Florida and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institution on a range of research projects. He also presents his research at regional, national, and international conferences, including that International Conference on Communication in Healthcare, the National Communication Association, and the Association of Marketing and Health Care Research. Dr. Taylor works closely with undergraduate students to develop and conduct research projects and present at conferences to become stronger writers, critical thinkers, and more well-rounded human beings.

Office location:

Dr. Greenberry Taylor
Cuna, 214

Office Hours (On Campus)

  • Monday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM