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Douglas Keaton

Douglas Keaton

Faculty Director, Classical & Liberal Education and CORE Curriculum


Research, Professional and Creative Activity

   Forthcoming. Keaton, D.. "Constitution, Identity, and Realization." For The Constitution of
    Consciousness, S. Miller (ed.), Amsterdam: John Benjamin Publishing.
   2013. Keaton, D., Polger, T.. "Exclusion, Still not Tracted." Philosophical Studies.
   2012. Keaton, D. 2012. “Kim’s Supervenience Argument and the Nature of Total Realizers,”
    European Journal of Philosophy 20 (2): 243-259
   2010. Keaton, D. "Two Kinds of Role Property,"
    Philosophia 38: 773-788.
   Recent Conferences:
    2013. w/Thomas Polger. American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, San Francisco,
    California. "Exclusion, Still not Tracted." (refereed symposium session w/ 2 commentators)
    2013. Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. "A New Exclusion Problem."
    (refereed conference)
    2012. Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Boulder, Colorado. "An Old-School Approach
    to Mental Causation." (refereed conference)
    2012. APA Pacific, Seattle, Washington. "Exclusion, Yet Again." (refereed conference)
    2012. Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Savannah, Georgia. "An Old-School
    Approach to Mental Causation." (refereed conference)

Professional Profile

Professor Keaton earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. He specializes in the area of Philosophy of Mind, and has expertise in Metaphysics, the Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, and the history of analytic philosophy. Professor Keaton is also interested in Epistemology, Modern Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Video Games.

Teaching and Related Service

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Women in Philosophy
  • Keystone
  • Philosophy and Video Games
  • Philosophy of Psychology

More Information

Office Hours (On Campus):

  • Monday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM