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Ann Ashworth, Adult education instructor at Flagler

Ann Ashworth

Program Coordinator and A.C.E. Instructor


Professional Profile

Ann Ashworth recently moved to St. Augustine following 17 years of working in foreign policy overseas on projects contributing to long term social change in the Middle East and Gulf Region at a time of exceptionally fast-paced development. In particular, she ran programs focused on national level strategies to meet socioeconomic deficits contributing to religious radicalization and civil unrest at a time of increasing incidences of terrorism, human rights initiatives, access to education for women, through relationship building in the corporate sector and soft diplomacy. Ann holds a BA in Intercultural Relations from Carroll University, an MA in Human Rights and Global Ethics from the University of Leicester, with additional Masters Certificates in Education from the University of Worcester, and Masters Diplomas in Linguistics and Project Management from the University of Cambridge. Ann has lived and worked in Cyprus, the UK, Spain, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.