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Your tool kit for navigating life at Flagler College

Mar 3, 2023
by Madison Sloan- Flagler senior

After committing to Flagler College, feelings of nervousness might be settling in as you ask yourself – What happens next? Luckily, the answer lies in this tool kit for incoming first-year students.

As a newly deposited student, you will receive a Flagler email address and set up a password that will act as your single sign-on credentials (SSO) for multiple online tools that are essential to your life here on campus.

From keeping your coursework organized to connecting with your peers, there is an abundance of resources available to make sure your transition into college is smooth.

Your Flagler email credentials are the key to unlocking these essential tools that will set you up for success on campus. I wish I had known about using them to my advantage during my first year as a Saint.


Microsoft 365

As your lifeline for communication, Microsoft Outlook is vital for your academic success and for keeping you informed about campus news. If you need to get in touch with your advisor or ask a professor a question, log in to your outlook email and search for their name. As the nuts and bolts of your account, you can also access important applications such as Microsoft Word Suite, Teams, Calendar, and PowerPoint.

During my first year at Flagler, the “Groups” tab on the email section helped me stay engaged on campus with different clubs and allowed me to meet other students with similar interests. After joining the Photography Club, I was able to communicate with other members through our Microsoft group.


MyFlagler serves as a portal for all your campus needs. In order to register for classes and access important on-campus housing documents, like maintenance request forms and how to purchase a parking pass, you will log in to your account and navigate through the “Flagler Academics” and “Campus Life” tabs.

Along with class registration and housing, MyFlagler has other key tools that have allowed me to further my skills and keep my academic plan on track. Balancing between classes and work can be difficult during your first year. However, Flagler offers work opportunities on campus that you can access on MyFlagler. Your MyFlagler account also gives you access to your course needs through the “Flagler Academics” tab. From there, you can view your advising worksheet that outlines the courses you need to graduate to help keep you on the path towards graduation.


To ensure academic success during your time at Flagler, Canvas acts as your one-stop-shop for managing coursework.

All courses will be displayed on the “Dashboard” tab when logging into your account. From there, you will be able to navigate your courses, see messages from professors, submit coursework, and read digital materials that may be posted.

While at Flagler, Canvas has been a vital tool to help keep me and my classes organized. One of my favorite features is the “Calendar” tab. Before every class, I make sure to check this page to see if anything needs to be submitted that way you always show up prepared.

Saints Connect

Starting college can be daunting, especially if you do not know anyone, but with Flagler’s community and event platform, connecting with your peers has never been easier.

After creating your Saints Connect profile, you will be able to subscribe to groups, register for events, and add them to your mobile calendar. From recreational events like yoga to a diverse range of clubs including the Surf Club and Deaf Awareness Club, I know I will always be able to find an event on the Saints Connect app.

Flagler technology services

When you have an issue with the Wi-Fi in the residence hall or need help printing on campus, Flagler technology services will be your go-to tool. On the website page you will find links to the services the technology department provides.

As one of the technology services, WebPrint makes printing easy on campus anywhere at any time. When I find myself in a time crunch needing to pick up a document before class, I use my WebPrint account to send my print over to the building and by the time I get there, it is ready for me to pick up. In order to print from anywhere, you must log in, select the printer you want on campus and upload your document to be printed. Within minutes your prints will be ready for pickup.

Since Wireless Internet access is available throughout campus, you do not need an Internet service provider to connect to the network. All you need is to connect to the “FC-Campus” wireless network with your SSO credentials.

Student health portal

While attending Flagler, your Student Health Portal is used by Health Services to maintain your medical records. Once you log in to the health portal with your Flagler email and your password, click “My Forms” in the top menu. From that tab, you will be able to fill out your health history and record your immunizations.

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