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Women’s suffrage inspires student exhibition

Feb 27, 2020

With the approaching centennial of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote, Flagler College Archives Specialist Jolene DuBray and Associate Professor Laura Mongiovi thought it the perfect time to co-organize a student exhibition. The exhibition is titled, “Women Leading the Way: 19th Amendment Centennial.”

This is the second collaboration between the archivist and the professor, having worked together on a student show in the library last spring semester. Feeding off that success, Mongiovi felt strongly that this was the right topic to once again make it a student exhibit, going even further to incorporate other departments in order to expand the project; the English department’s Assistant Professor Connie Ste. Clair joined them.

“When the students read their poetry in the space with the artists’ work, it was a transformative moment,” said Mongiovi. “The intention was to bring two different creative processes together, and we witnessed the power of that then.”

“I thought it was a great idea to give students a chance to learn a little more about the achievement suffrage advocates had 100 years ago for equals rights,” said DuBray.

Both knew that the students could learn about the 19th amendment, interpreting a historical moment in time, in a multi-dimensional way: Producing art reflecting on how the passing of the amendment affected society and the thoughts, feelings and emotions during that time; participating in creative writing exercises on the topic; and readings of students’ work during the opening event in early February. 

The exhibit opening event was hosted by the Flagler College Archives with outstanding attendance. The actual archives space is still considered a fairly new space on the third floor of the library. Renovated to accommodate the ever-growing archival collection, the current three-room suite opened Fall semester 2018. In addition to the main collection, a digital archives was added in May 2017.

The exhibit will remain in the Library Gallery, by the main stairwell, throughout the Spring 2020 Semester. There’s also a corresponding book display nearby.

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