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Undercurrents Exhibition Coming to CEAM

May 10, 2022

The Crisp-EllertArt Museum and Flagler College are pleased to announce Undercurrents, a film, video, and photography exhibition featuring ten international artists who explore the human condition in the midst of climate change: Jennifer Boles, Georgie Brinkman, Christiana Caro, Laura Gines, Karissa Hahn, Amanda Hodes, Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Leah Sandler, and Krista Leigh Steinke.


Undercurrents will open to the public with a reception on Friday, May 20 from 4 to 6 pm. The exhibition is organized in conjunction with the Finger Mullet Film Festival, which will take place at CEAM on May 21.


This four-week exhibition features artwork focusing on the interaction of humans and water. With a range of photography, film, and video work, Undercurrents interconnects the ideas of time, community, and our emotional response to climate change, showing an inseparable connection between humans and the environment. Throughout the exhibition, various themes are explored in relation to water and climate change. Jennifer Boles, Georgie Brinkman, Amanda Hodes, and Leah Sandler’s films show how capitalism and politics have impacted the natural resources available to humans. Christiana Caro, Krista Leigh Steinke, and Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore explore the cyclical nature of the seasons and the aftermath brought about by those seasons. Karissa Hahn stresses the importance of focusing on what we have before it is gone, while Laura Gines demonstrates human hope through her video work.

Related events in partnership with WJCT’s ADAPT will take place on Thursday, June 2, 2022. On June 2, a reception will be held at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum from 5:30-6:45 pm, followed by a panel discussion at 7 pm in the Ringhaver Student Center’s Virginia Room. Further details about this program will be listed on our website at

This program is supported by Kenan Family Foundation, Flagler College Department of Visual Arts, and the Flagler College Visual and Performing Arts Advisory Board.

For more information about our programming and upcoming events, please visit the website at, and follow us on Instagram (@crispellertart) or Facebook (Crisp-Ellert Art Museum), or contact Julie Dickover at 904-826-8530 or

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