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Two professors to begin sabbaticals Fall 2019

Aug 1, 2019
by Jayda Barnes, '20

Dr. Tim Johnson and Professor Laura Mongiovi will both take sabbaticals this fall, during which they will work on scholarly and creative projects, respectively.

Johnson, a Craig and Audrey Thorn Distinguished Professor of Religion, plans to work on a book on Spanish-Timucua exempla in collaboration with Dr. George Aaron Broadwell from the University of Florida. In preparation for this project, they researched which exempla, or moral stories, they will study and began identifying which primary and secondary sources they will need. Johnson’s project will enable him to bring previously untranslated works to the classroom for academic discussion and research projects. This is Johnson’s second sabbatical. In Spring 2012, he spent his sabbatical editing and contributing to two books, which were published in 2013.

“Since my work intersects with other disciplines on campus, I will be able to dialogue with faculty in various areas and collaborate with those working in early modern archeology, anthropology and history,” said Johnson of his new project.

For her first sabbatical, Mongiovi, assistant professor of art, will create a new body of work for a solo show at Georgetown College in Kentucky. She is currently researching and developing ideas in preparation and intends to collaborate with students in Kentucky, in addition to giving an artist talk. Mongiovi is keeping her inspiration local to the site of the show.

“I am researching the history of Kentucky and making work that speaks to landscape, people and events in Kentucky,” she said.

As a result of their sabbaticals, Johnson and Mongiovi are able to participate in exciting opportunities within their fields. Both professors will use their experiences to develop their personal skills and bring back to Flagler valuable knowledge.

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