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    • Student enjoying the West Lawn pool

      Why you shouldn't go to Flagler College

      Aug 14
      Ranked No. 2 Best Regional College in the South by U.S. News and World Report, named among “The Best Colleges for Your Money" by Money Magazine, and consistently featured in the media as one of the world’s most beautiful campuses- there are many reasons why you should go to Flagler College. But there are also several very valid reasons why you shouldn’t go to Flagler College in the summery city of St. Augustine.
    • President John Delaney signing MOU

      New partnership with German university strengthens Flagler’s global academic network

      Jun 30
      A new pathway for global academic exchange was formalized this week as Flagler College signed a memorandum of understanding with Germany’s Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.
    • Signing in President's office of Bermuda College articulation agreement

      Flagler certifies collaborative relationship with Bermuda College

      Nov 17
      A 2014 Coastal Environmental Science trip to Bermuda was the catalyst for a young working relationship between Flagler and Bermuda College that was made official through the signing of an articulation agreement last month.
    • Flagler’s International Center exposes students to value of global academic exchange on campus and abroad

      Nov 14
      International education programming at Flagler is robust and multi-faceted, accommodating students on both sides of the study abroad experience.
    • Flagler College's Study Abroad Trips Gives Students Life-Changing Experiences

      May 26
      Flagler College offers a wide selection of study abroad programs that let students develop a global perspective while gaining real-world skills. During the spring 2022 semester, three different faculty-led trips gave students an opportunity of a lifetime to better understand the world around them by traveling to Ghana, Poland, and Panama.
    • Study Abroad in Russia: Exploring a tumultuous past during revolution's centennial

      Aug 14
      This summer Flagler College students had the unique opportunity to study the 100-year anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, in which the imperial government of Russia was overthrown, when they visited St. Petersburg and Moscow.
    • A picture of the Flagler students who studied abroad in Germany.

      Study Abroad in Germany: Examining the Protestant Reformation from a European perspective

      Jul 27
      This year marks the 500th commemoration of the Protestant Reformation, the 16th-century upheaval that redefined the Roman Catholic Church. This summer, Flagler College students enjoyed the unique opportunity to study the transformative period at the University of Dresden in Germany, as part of an interdisciplinary-transatlantic program titled “Faces of Faith: Late Medieval and Reformation Germany.”
    • Ten people around the sign Save the Hicatee

      Study Abroad in Belize: Students partner up with non-profit to help save a critically-endangered turtle

      Jul 26
      Six Flagler College students recently returned from a 10-day adventure in Belize, where they worked on research to help save the critically-endangered Hicatee turtle, experienced first-hand living sustainably deep in a tropical rainforest, witnessed wildlife thrive in its native habitat and snorkeled the country’s barrier reef.
    • Cuba students in water

      Study Abroad in Cuba: An exploration of a country in transition

      Jul 18
      Flagler College students witnessed first-hand the changes Cuba is experiencing, as the socialist country grapples with the impact of its revolutionary past and uncertain future. As part of this summer’s study abroad trip to Cuba, Assistant Professor Tracey Eaton guided students on a Cuban adventure. They met Cuban entrepreneurs, artists, farmers, guides and other locals who shared their perspectives on economic and social conditions, mass tourism, property disputes between the United States and Cuba, the Cuban missile crisis and more.
    • Study Abroad in Vietnam: Lessons in war, tragedy and resilience

      Jul 12
      This summer as part of Dr. Michael Butler’s course “The American War: The Struggle for Independence in Vietnam,” Flagler College students visited the places and listened to the voices in Vietnam that they read about in course texts — those that shaped the narrative of the Vietnam War through the eyes of the Vietnamese.
    • Study abroad in Spain: A month of complete immersion

      Jun 20
      Gaining a cross-cultural perspective is not only about crossing borders and learning a new language, but living lives like those of others. Ten students, along with Assistant Professor of Spanish Aggie Johnson, recently returned from living with host families in Spain and experiencing Spanish culture first-hand.
    • A picture of Dr. Margaret Finnegan with Fulbright visiting scholar Dr. Maraisa Lopes

      Fulbright scholar from Brazil visiting Flagler College to study Deaf Education program

      Apr 27
      For the first time ever, Flagler College is hosting a Fulbright scholar. Dr. Maraisa Lopes, from the Federal University of Piaui Teresina, Brazil, is working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program in the Education Department to study differences between Brazilian and American higher education experiences in the field.