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Three new majors to launch Fall 2019

Jun 20, 2019
by Jayda Barnes, '20

Beginning Fall semester 2019, Flagler College will offer majors in International Business, Social Entrepreneurship and Computer Information Systems.

International Business invites students to study the internal workings of a business, such as finance, economics and marketing, from an international standpoint. Students will have the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and the skills necessary to work in a global marketplace. The major includes 45 credit hours of foundational business core classes and 21 hours of international courses. An additional foreign language component will require proficiency of a language at the 202 level and a study abroad experience.

Social Entrepreneurship is a program for students who want to develop, fund and implement innovative solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. Students will have the opportunity to work toward social change in their community as part of their course load. The major consists of 42 hours of required courses and 18 additional hours in an impact track of choice. There are five tracks from which students may choose, including Sport for Development and Peace, Sustainability and Historic Preservation, Art for Social Change, Community Health and Global Impact.

Computer Information Systems is a major that connects technology with business. Students will study information systems through programming, database and systems development courses. This program is designed to develop skills that will benefit businesses through technological means. The major totals 66 hours, including 48 hours of required courses and 18 hours of elective courses, both of which include classes in math, economics, computer science, business and more.

“The ever-evolving business world demands graduates who are skilled in the latest information technology, have the ability to navigate the risks, challenges and opportunities in the expanding global economy and can identify and solve society’s many pressing challenges with businesses that operate sustainably and responsibly,” said Dr. Allison Roberts, Dean of the School of Business, Education and Mathematics. “These three new majors will prepare Flagler students to successfully compete and contribute in this complex business landscape and as they pursue graduate study in related fields.”

The International Business, Social Entrepreneurship and Computer Information Systems majors will introduce students to new academic paths at Flagler and countless opportunities beyond Flagler as a result. In addition to these new majors, the college will launch a minor in African-American Studies. For more information on the new minor, visit here.

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