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The Gargoyle continues to win awards in student journalism

Sep 16, 2022
by Anna Boone

The Gargoyle, Flagler’s student-run newspaper, placed in two categories for the Society of Professional Journalists 2022 Sunshine State Awards and was a finalist in five categories for the 2022 SPJ Region 3 Mark of Excellence Awards.

Wyatt Parks, Gargoyle co-editor alongside Jordan Fauci, said the awards the student newspaper has accumulated over the years are a testament to the way the newsroom functions and the type of stories writers are encouraged to pursue.

“I think keys to the success we’ve had here is the fact that writers are encouraged to, and at the end of the day- have to, write about things they care about,” Parks said. “All the stories I’ve written for the Gargoyle are stories I’ve found to be important.”

The Gargoyle functions with both a student staff that edits and produces the publication, as well as a workshop course where students all produce four stories per semester. Brian Thompson, the College’s director of publications, serves as the newspaper’s advisor.

“Everyone gets to know each other very quickly because, the way that Brian runs things and the way that Brian operates, we’re all talking with each other, and we’re paired off very often,” Parks said. “So, there’s a lot of one-on-one conversation, I’ve already had classes with several people [on the Gargoyle].”

Working as an online-only, student publication for a small college, The Gargoyle is limited in resources. But Parks said this only underscores the quality of content they publish.

“We’re working with very limited resources and a small amount of students, but for the amount of students we have, it’s pretty remarkable the amount of awards that the Gargoyle has won,” he said. “But at the end of the day, I think it’s just the quality of work we put out. And I do think that comes down to people being able to write about what they’re passionate about.”

For Parks and other students on the paper, The Gargoyle is a valuable asset for building their professional skills.

“I think it’s a great thing for career development and a resume, also just working for a group…,” Parks said. “At the end of the day, the Gargoyle is a very reputable student newspaper. For the resources we have, the Gargoyle wins a lot of awards, it’s very well respected. And honestly the content we produce is very very good.”


2022 SPJ Sunshine State Awards - Announced Aug. 27, 2022

The Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists supports the organization’s mission to perpetuate “a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty,” through various outreach and education initiatives including, “cooperating with and assisting colleges and universities in developing strong journalism schools and departments,” according to the website.

Best Website

Third place | The Flagler College Gargoyle website

Best Light Feature

Third place | “P.L.A.N.T.-ing Change at Diversity and Inclusion Week"

By Wyatt Parks – C/O 2023, English major


SPJ News Region 3 Mark of Excellence Awards - Announced April 28, 2022

All submissions for SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards are judged based on “overall excellence,” encompassing criteria like accuracy, adherence to high journalistic standards, creative use of the medium’s unique capabilities and adherence to the SPJ Code of Ethics, according to the website.

SPJ’s Region 3 includes college and university publications in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And the sub category of school division is based on total student enrollment: Large schools must have at least 10,000 students and small schools must have less than 9,999 students.

Best Independent Online Student Publication

Finalist | The Gargoyle staff

General News Reporting – small schools

Finalist | “Struggling with mental health during the pandemic and the need for self-care”

By Abby Bittner – C/O 2021, Digital Media Production & Journalism major

Finalist | “The design of a better future in Haiti”

By Danielle Filjon – C/O 2022, Digital Media Production & Journalism major

In-Depth Reporting – small schools

Finalist | “Challenges of being a student with a learning disability”

By Elisabeth Shirley – C/O 2023, Digital Media Production & Journalism major

Feature Writing – small schools

Finalist | “Local historian seeks to uncover Lincolnville’s hidden past”

By Abby Bittner

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