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Study abroad in Spain: A month of complete immersion

Jun 20, 2017

Gaining a cross-cultural perspective is not only about crossing borders and learning a new language, but living lives like those of others. Ten students, along with Assistant Professor of Spanish Aggie Johnson, recently returned from living with host families in Spain and experiencing Spanish culture first-hand.

Students studied Spanish in the town of Cuenca as part of a study abroad program organized by Johnson and in collaboration with local school True Spanish Experience. They also engaged in fun excursions, such as taking fencing or pottery classes, learning flamenco dancing and cooking paella.

3 Flagler students in front of a Spanish Cathedral

"This study abroad trip taught every individual in our group the importance of cultural awareness and independence and allowed us to have lifelong friends." — Student Christine Lamborne


Full Flamenco class in Cuenca, Spain

"Our trip to Cuenca, Spain was truly an amazing experience. We lived and learned Spanish culture. From having to take the bus everyday, to eating authentic Spanish dishes every night at dinner, we were really immersed in the culture." — Student Lane Weinheimer


A picture of a town with many different colored buildings on hills.

"My experience in Cuenca was incredible, from exploring the historic Roman ruins of Segóbriga and learning about the three different cultures that constructed Toledo to learning how to fence and cook traditional Spanish dishes." — Christine Lamborne


A picture of Aggie and many students

"Another highlight of my trip was getting to know the girls that came with us from Flagler. We are all a family and I am excited to grow these new friendships when we get back to Flagler in the fall." — Lane Weinheimer


To learn more about Flagler's Study Abroad Program, visit here.

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