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Staff Spotlight: Lucas Scotch

Feb 7, 2023

Lucas Scotch, coordinator of marketing and communications for the Division of Continuing Education, graduated with honors from Flagler College in 2022.

Scotch majored in media studies and Spanish with a minor in advertising. He is the founder and operator of Bodhi Communications, where his goal is to help business owners and non-profits traverse the ever-changing digital landscape. After demonstrating the skills from practical experience he received during his studies here, Scotch was hired to help promote a developing division.

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What is your title on Staff, and what does your position entail?

As the Coordinator of Marketing and Communications for the Division of Continuing Education, I serve as the link between it and the Division of Marketing and Communication. I create the strategy and content for my division's marketing and communication efforts and ensure a successful college-wide brand experience for the programs outside the traditional four-year bachelor's degrees.

How has your professional and educational background informed your work at Flagler?

A proud Flagler alumnus, my journey working with Flagler started many years before my current position. I am a distinguished graduate of the media studies program, with a double major in Spanish, as well as a minor in advertising. This combination of degrees has allowed me to explore advertising from the inside out and allowed a more international approach and understanding of advertising to diverse groups. I also graduated with distinction from the honors program and completed my honors capstone project, a Spanish-Based enrollment campaign for the school, to serve Flagler and build my portfolio in a way that connected my majors and minor directly.

My professional background begins in the middle of my junior year near the end of 2020 when I was hired for an internship in the Marketing and Communications Department. This position helped me nurture and develop my skills into what they are today working closely with many of those whom I call collogues today. I also own and operate my own business, Bodhi Communications, doing web design, social media management, and marketing/advertising for small businesses and non-profits.

What do you enjoy most about working at Flagler?

I most enjoy working, learning, and growing with my colleagues to help my projects and the College as a whole prosper. I enjoy working alongside staff who are skilled in their craft, offering diverse knowledge and backgrounds. And I appreciate the team mentality that guides our work because it creates a healthy and inviting atmosphere for me to grow in my career.

Tell us about a recent project or goal you’ve completed within your department that you’re proud of.

Although many projects are in the works, I am most recently proud of completing my strategic communication plan for the Lifelong Learning Institute. This was one of the first major all-encompassing strategies I had put together, after much discussion with my team who helped me develop my ideas. This is technically still on-going, but many of my strategies have already been implemented at this time.

Do you have a stand-out memory from working with students or other campus community members?

Although I don’t have the opportunity to engage with many students or community members, I do enjoy engaging with students when I take my service dog Bodhi on walks. Since he is off duty during those times, he loves greeting the students and everyone instantly smiles getting to see him. He has quite literally had the entire Kenan Plaza smiling and laughing, and we have had students run across the entire West Lawn to say hi.

What is one thing no one would guess about you?

People probably wouldn’t guess many things about me, but I would assume no one would guess that I have died before.

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

My mother would be one of the most inspirational and influential people in my life. Her work ethic and dedication to myself and my sisters not only led to her obtaining her PhD while raising special needs children but advancing in her field far faster than most. Leading by example, her hard work showed me that my disability would not define my future and led to all my future successes.

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