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Spotlight: Student Activities Director Kristina Lombardo

Sep 22, 2017
by Jordan Puyear

With around 60 student clubs and organizations, Flagler College has to have someone in charge of such groups, and that’s where Kristina Lombardo comes in. Previously the assistant director of Residence Life, Lombardo is the new director of Student Activities. She is the person behind events such as the infamous Harry Potter Week and Flagler Fest, just to name a few. “College is such a crucial time in students’ lives, and I enjoyed my college years so much, so I want to make sure our students enjoy their time as well,” Lombardo said.

Photo credit: Katie Garwood


A picture of Kristina Lombardo.

“Currently, I oversee Student Government Association, Flagler College Volunteers, Campus Activities Board, as well as all the student clubs and organizations. It’s very different [from my last position], not more complex, but more responsibility with overseeing more than just one student leadership group. Before I was just overseeing the resident advisors, so now I have three groups I’m responsible for, plus all the student clubs and organizations. So definitely a good amount of responsibility.”

Student Activities Director Kristina Lombardo working on her computer

“I’ve lived in St. Augustine for a good portion of my life. Dr. Stewart gave me a summer job here at Flagler as an office assistant at the front desk. I knew all of these people, I enjoyed working with them, and ultimately when the position of Assistant Director of Residence Life came up, I applied and they already knew me and my work ethic, and they graciously hired me for that position. I have been here for five years, and it’s been a wonderful experience this whole time.”

Alicia Ramsdell and Kristina Lombardo standing at a front desk.

While academics are a crucial part of the Flagler experience, Student Life Specialist Alicia Ramsdell (pictured above left) works directly with Lombardo in helping ensure that all Flagler students have a fulfilling social experience as well. “I went to Flagler and I had an amazing time, but I’m here so that the current and future students can have great experiences,” she said. “Everyone here is so helpful and friendly and the students have been great to work with.”


Kristina Lombardo and Alicia Ramsdell talking.

“We are working on a lot of things with the new building [Abare Hall], as it’s a new facility that falls under Student Services. It is something we are constantly trying to improve, especially since it’s so new, and students are still trying to figure it out. They are our best critics because they are the ones living there. We want to make sure that space is going to be beneficial for everyone and is able to be used for a wide variety of events,” Lombardo said.


Lombardo water cooler

“I just want to tell students that my door is open, I’m happy to talk about anything they’re interested in, anything they want to see come to campus. We are always looking for ideas on different things to bring here, different ideas and ways to make their experience the best experience we can make it; that’s what we strive for in Student Activities. Our main priority is to provide events and opportunities for students that are enriching for their overall experience.”

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