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Spotlight: Strategic Communication's Joanna Krajewski

Jan 5, 2018
by Jordan Puyear, '17

Now that her first semester at Flagler College is complete, Dr. Joanna M. T. Krajewski has found a balance between educating students on the world of strategic communication, and focusing her free time on her own personal research concerning sustainable practices.

"Environmental communication is a specified field of strategic communication because it’s communicating for a purpose," Krajewski said. "It’s a very specified purpose that will ultimately always help the environment, sustainability, public health, and global development.”

Before becoming an assistant professor of Strategic Communication at Flagler in the fall of 2017, Krajewski served as a research assistant on a National Science Foundation grant. The grant was part of the water sustainability and climate initiative in a field currently going through major challenges. “We were looking at farmers' decision-making processes as it relates to land management practices,” Krajewski said. “We wanted to understand what makes some farmers adopt cover crops or other practices that are pro-environmental versus farmers opposed to these practices.”

Her true passion, however, lies within the nexus of water sustainability, women’s oppression and water poverty throughout the developing world.

“It’s important to recognize that the places that have the worst water situations also are the most oppressive to women. Then there is this element of education, especially for young girls, which play into that as well,” Krajewski said.

However, it was through her love of the “college atmosphere” and her appreciation for her own professors that she found her calling as a college professor. “While I was in the doctoral program, I did get to work as a TA which helped fund my whole program of study," she said. "That was such an incredible experience, actually being in front of a classroom, that I knew after the first class I taught by myself that I wanted to continue, finish my Ph. D and teach.”

Krajewski is passionate and optimistic about her future work here at Flagler.

“I feel so lucky everyday,” she said. “It’s a beautiful campus with wonderful people in my department and teaching wonderful students. I know this is such a good stage to be in right now.”

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