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Spotlight: Events Technical Services Coordinator Carl Liberatore

Apr 28, 2017

The “Spotlight” series offers a glimpse into the lives of those who work behind the scenes to provide an enriching experience for Flagler College students. Faculty and staff featured in the series will be included in the bi-weekly faculty and staff newsletter.

A picture of Carl Liberatore.

Two hundred events. That is approximately how many Carl Liberatore, the college’s Events Technical Services Coordinator, sets up and manages in a single year. He does it all — from attending to sound, lighting and visual needs and working with production staff to recording video footage for various events and serving as an on-call 24-hour contact for any technical issues that may arise in the use of any campus facility. 

And tomorrow is one of his biggest events of the year — spring graduation.

“My main goal is to make sure that everything goes smoothly so that the day can be about welcoming our newest group of Flagler alumni,” Liberatore, a 2011 Flagler grad, said.

On the day of Commencement, he is the college’s on-site production manager and works closely with the Amphitheater staff and others to make sure that everything is prepped and reserved prior to attendees’ arrival.

“There are about eight different companies that partake in the ceremony and I make sure that each one has the information that they need,” he said.


A picture of Carl Liberatore at his desk.

"When people ask me what I do for work at the college, my standard response is that I handle all audio-visual needs for both public and private events. I think my role on campus is unique because there are many different areas that I get to work on. I enjoy being able to work with a faculty member on a lecture in the Flagler Room and then in the evening work on a high-profile event in the Auditorium. I am very fortunate that I work with Laura Stevenson and Stephanie Burgess. Events are all about collaboration and I am grateful to be a part of the College Relations Department. It is very rewarding to get to see someone’s vision for their event come to life and know that you had a part in it."


A picture of Liberatore sound board

"I really learned about 98 percent of what I do just by working on productions and events. I was fortunate to learn carpentry from Britt Corry, technical director for Lewis Auditorium and the Theatre Department, lighting from Scott Ashley, former adjunct who taught lighting and scenic design, and projection from Steve Skipp and Chris Chaya, in Educational Media Services. When I was a student at Flagler, I wanted to immerse myself in the industry and learn as much as I could. I would work on every show, help with events and put myself out there to design and implement productions. Through all of that and simply watching my peers, I increased my knowledge of many different areas. There are constant changes in this industry and I spend time talking to company representatives, reading technical publications, attending webinars and trade-shows."


A picture of Carl Liberatore building part of a set for a production.

"I started in theater when I was in junior high and quickly found myself gravitating toward the production side. I worked with my high school’s theater department on set construction, lighting, and audio. My background in theatrical production has served me well in the event world."


Liberatore figures.

"I started collecting the many different figures over the past five years and the collection has grown and grown. There many different characters included in the collection, Legos, Hulk, Andre the Giant, Ron Swanson, The Dude, Bill Murray, The Golden Girls and many more. My job can be stressful and I think the figures are just a nice reminder to relax and have some fun."

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