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Spotlight: Archives Specialist Jolene DuBray

Apr 12, 2017

The “Spotlight” series offers a glimpse into the lives of those who work behind the scenes to provide an enriching experience for Flagler College students. Faculty and staff featured in the series will be included in the bi-weekly faculty and staff newsletter.

Archives Specialist, Jolene DuBray's profile picture

More than 1,000 archival items, from yearbooks and college catalogs to historic and college photographs will be available to the public, thanks to a new digital archives project by the college’s Archives Specialist Jolene DuBray. These relics of the past — formerly viewable only during in-person visits — will become available online May 5, during Alumni Weekend, when DuBray launches the project in the Ringhaver Student Center’s lobby, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Jolene Dubray holding yearbook.

“With the new digital archives project, we’ll be starting out with a select portion of old photographs, yearbooks, FLARE magazines and course catalogs. There’s definitely been in increased interest in archives. I think that living in an historic town like St. Augustine is part of the appeal. That’s why students may want to come here in the first place — because of the town’s history and because the college has History and Art History programs.”


Jolene DuBray organizing books.

“This (digital archives project) is also a preservation thing. Instead of coming here to handle a yearbook, or photos, they can now see it online. The more items are digitized, the longer the actual object actually lasts. We don’t have to take it out and expose it to light. And a main benefit to digitization is instant access to the archives.”


A picture of Jolene DuBray talking in front of book shelves.

“By launching it during Alumni Weekend, we hope to challenge alumni to comment under photographs, on the year and person in them. We don’t have exact dates on most photos, but they are chunked into blocks of time. If you were in a particular club, you could search by that. By using alumni as a resource, we can better identify these items.”


digital archives Flagler

“This is one of my favorite photos. It’s of Henry Flagler’s third wife Mary Lily Flagler and their dog Delos. I love this image because I think it is really humanizing to see them with their family dog.”


A picture of Bastian Reusch and Jolene DuBray looking at photographs.

“This whole digital archives project has been done by students. Public History intern Bastian Reusch (pictured above) has scanned all the catalogs from 1968 and added them to the archives; student Amber Aultman is helping with digitizing and uploading photographs; Katlin Landeros is working on a digital display and timeline of Theatre productions since the opening of the college; and Alexis Quinones is also concentrating on displays and helping with marketing the digital archives launch.”


Flagler’s Digital Archives website will be officially launched on May 5. For more information on the College’s Archives, visit here.

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