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SGA honored during FL City Government Week

Oct 30, 2019

The Flagler College Student Government Association was honored Monday at City hall during Florida City Government Week.

According to the website, Florida City Government Week "Is a time for municipalities to provide and foster civic education, collaboration, volunteerism and more." It is an effort to shine a light on what makes a city unique, sponsored by a resolution adopted by the Florida League of Cities during its most recent conference. The City of St. Augustine is a member of the Florida League of Cities.

SGA was recognized for its "continued commitment to the community and the school...frequent help with bridging the gap between a student feeling like a visitor and a student feeling at home," said SGA President Gregory Leo.

Leo believes that part of SGA's job is ensuring students feel like true St. Augustine community members, not just a temporary visitor. This is a concerted effort on behalf of the entire SGA general assembly as well as the leadership team. With this recent recognition, it would seem the City of St. Augustine supports SGA's efforts.

"Everyone graciously donates their time to our purpose," he said.

City Commissioners and three SGA members get group shot with honorific document in the center.

(L-R) Commissioner John Valdes, Commissioner Roxanne Horvath, SGA representatives Evan Driscoll, President Gregory Leo, Secretary Omega Adams, Mayor Tracy Upchurch, Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline, Vice Mayor Leanna Freeman.

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