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Senior donates books to charity for his birthday

Dec 17, 2019
by Jayda Barnes, '19

Sport Management student Jared Cross, ’20, prefers to use his birthday as an opportunity to give rather than to receive. Through his annual Growing to New Heights Used Book Drive, he collects used books to donate to various charities.

Student standing with stacks of books in front of Flagler archway and Henry Flagler Statue.

Cross began this tradition 15 years ago in his hometown of Raleigh, N.C. Every year for his birthday, his goal was to collect a stack of books as tall as him. He would then select a charity to receive the donations. If his chosen charity of the year did not need books, he would sell them to a local used book store and donate the earnings to the charity instead.

Since coming to St. Augustine, Cross has searched for organizations or book stores in need of books. This past year, he discovered small library boxes around St. Augustine and donated his haul of over 500 books to them.

In addition to rousing support for charity, Cross can be seen on Flagler’s campus working at the Student Center and playing as a percussionist in the Pep Band.

To learn more about his book drive history and goal, visit his website here.

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