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Second-annual Designathon success story for community

Jan 17, 2020

Flagler College hosted the second-annual “Designathon” in the fall and the 24-hour event proved to be yet another success for helping the nonprofit community. Ready with a team of 25 graphic design students, two faculty members and eight alumni, the Designathon participants provided their creative branding and advertising services pro bono to local nonprofit organizations. Alumni joined in on the event from all over the country including Sarasota, Fla. and Washington, D.C.

Students pose with Alpha-Omega House organization and their designed pieces in hand.

“Last year, it showed us a huge opportunity to let our graphic design help the community. It’s good community outreach for our students and alumni, to make connections and help the community grow,” said alumnus John Roberts, who was a student last year when the event launched.

Nonprofits submitted their design requests online and were in constant contact with Reagan Caron, event coordinator, either over the phone or in person which the students felt really helped them get a feel for the nonprofits’ true needs.

“We are incredibly grateful for their budding talent and enthusiasm to make our community stronger! The materials they designed for us will help us to reach more donors, who we prayerfully rely on, to fund our mission; ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty for many local women, their children and seniors who are facing homelessness,” said Alpha-Omega Miracle Home Community Liaison Kristin Thomas. 

The design team created items such as St. Johns County library system logos for new programming, brochures for various organizations and even a coloring book for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit. See more projects, including Alpha-Omega work, in the project gallery here.

Sertoma employee Tim Cool said, "It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to get professionally-done graphics and collateral materials that we can't afford to get done ourselves, because we don’t have any employees to do this.”

The inaugural Designathon was planned by a Flagler College design student, Jasmin Quinoñes, '18, as part of an independent study course. After the success of the first event it was clear it needed to become annual and include not just current students, but graphic design alumni.

“The design classes at Flagler gave me the opportunity to work with real-world nonprofits and instilled in me a love for using my skills as a designer to do more than just create beautiful things. This passion stayed with me after graduation and now is a part of my everyday career as a designer for a nonprofit fundraising consultancy. It made too much sense to come and participate in the Designathon, plus who doesn't want to go back and revisit their roots every once in a while,” said alumna Alana Littman.

For more information about the Designathon, please visit here. To watch a student-produced video on the event, courtesy of Hannah Carlsward, please visit here.

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