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Retired faculty association award annual scholarship to Nick Cuffy

Apr 27, 2018

President Joyner hosted the annual Sociable Association of Satisfied Saints (SASS) luncheon and award ceremony on Thursday, April 19. The retired faculty members of SASS chose Nick Cuffy as this year’s scholarship recipient. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student within any major, with a superior grade point average who also demonstrates financial need.

“I’m promising you that you’ll hear good things about me in the future,” Cuffy said during his acceptance speech. Cuffy is a resident of the small Caribbean island of Dominica and expressed his gratitude for the relationships he’s established here and the opportunities afforded him as an international student. Recipients are able to invite people who they feel have helped them grow as students. Cuffy asked library assistant, Peggy Dyess, to attend the luncheon with him. She spoke to his character, his seriousness about his studies, and his unusual confidence and self-awareness.

President Joyner closed the lunch with a story about Cuffy and the impression he’s made on many members of the faculty and staff. After storms battered his home island this past fall, he couldn’t make contact with his family. Many people on campus immediately wanted to help and jumped into action to help him find a way to connect. After about 48 hours, he was able to make contact and confirm his family was safe. At the luncheon, his Flagler family was happy to hear the positive outcome, too, and look forward to those “good things” promised.

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