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Reach Out Raise Up day of service to take place March 9

Feb 20, 2019

On Saturday, March 9, the bi-annual tradition of more than 200 Flagler College students, faculty, staff and alumni coming together for a community day of service will take place across St. Johns County. Many of the participating nonprofits hosting the volunteers are repeats, but the student-led group organizing the event said that there is still time to express interest in having volunteers come to your nonprofit.

Three students helping pack clothes at Sertoma Thrift Store

Students helped to pack and sort clothing at the Sertoma 2nd Time Around Thrift Store for the fall day of service.

In the past, services performed have ranged from helping in a local exotic animal rehabilitation center to assisting the elderly.

Flagler College Volunteers (FCV) has planned this event for four years and each year adds new nonprofits to the roster of participants to help. They emphasize it’s never too late to contact them and let them know your organization needs assistance.

FCV member and event co-organizer Hasani Malone said, “We typically partner with 15 nonprofits for RORU, some that we work with regularly and others that we may not get a chance to work with all the time.”

Interested organizations should reach out to the organization’s president, Lindsay Giliam at

Organizations taking part in this year’s Reach Out include HAWKE, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home, Saint Johns Housing Project, Ayla’s Acres, St. Augustine Wild Reserve and SAFE Pet Rescue.

“Having that interaction with nonprofits helps students, faculty and staff step out of the bubble that is Flagler College and allows them to connect with those in the St. Augustine community while giving back and helping those who need it,” Malone said.

Students helping at the Council on Aging for day of service

Students assist with a gardening project at the Council on Aging during last fall's day of service.

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