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Public Events and Tours delayed until after Sept. 1

Jun 11, 2020

As Flagler College continues to develop plans to bring students back for face-to-face classes on campus this fall, our primary focus is protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. As part of this plan, the College has elected to push back decisions on allowing outside event scheduling, non-essential visitors, historic tours and other members of the public on our campus until after Sept. 1, 2020.

This will allow the college to enact COVID-19 mitigation plans ensuring a healthy college environment in alignment with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Florida and local officials. 

In addition, the logistics of implementing social distancing with students in our classrooms means using larger meeting spaces on campus as classrooms to ensure 6 feet of distance between participants. 

Over the coming months, the College will have a complete picture of class numbers and classroom space needs, and will work on developing a plan for restarting public events on campus. At this time there is not a definitive timeline for when we will begin allowing public events to take place on campus while students are present, and the college will re-evaluate its ability to open campus to these events and visitors after Sept. 1.  

These decisions are not made lightly. In these uncertain times, protecting our community is our main priority, even while we are saddened by the impact this has on these enjoyable, enlightening and meaningful events for our campus and community.

As we begin to better understand the impacts of COVID-19, it is our intention to assess our next steps and ensure prompt communication with all of our important community partners like you.

We are incredibly thankful for the time and commitment that has gone into producing these wonderful performances and events. Please bear with us as we make adjustments and modifications to better serve St. Augustine and the surrounding area in the healthiest way possible.

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