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President’s Leadership Academy welcomes first cohort of students

Nov 14, 2019

The President’s Leadership Academy at Flagler College, in association with the Laurel Circle of the Oak, has announced 10 students chosen as the inaugural academy class.

Group of students in the President's Leadership Academy on the front porch steps of Markland.

Photo by Zach Thomas.

Gabriel A Armas

Emily Boxma

Rebecca Buckner

Spencer Hooker

Presleigh Johnson

Annabelle Lassiter

Amber Marquette

Haley McClain

Jake McKee

Colin Motzny

Kira Stickley

Jordon C. Taylor

Throughout the fall semester, the Society held four information sessions open to any interested first-year student looking for more information on the Society. The information sessions also served to encourage students to explore their values, talents, and potential to lead others. One of the sessions featured student Blake Richardson as the keynote speaker with a presentation titled, “Become the leader you didn’t know you could be.”

The Academy will offer students the chance to experience leadership over their time at Flagler using a two-pronged approach. The first is the opportunity to study leadership in a systematic approach drawing upon The Leadership Challenge program. The curriculum for the academy will be interwoven around four themes derived from Flagler’s core values: 

  • Transformative Leadership: Understanding Ourselves as Leaders
  • Respectful and Inclusive Engagement on Campus: Leading with Respect and Appreciation across Differences
  • Citizenship with Integrity: Leading as a Process Towards Social Change
  • Leadership as Thoughtful Stewardship: Leading in the Larger Community

The college hosted a celebratory dinner for the students on Wednesday, Nov. 13, with a keynote address from Caren Goldman of Compassionate St. Augustine.

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