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Pearson awards Flagler College students $2,500 for winning StatCrunch contest

Jun 5, 2018

Flagler College students Felicitas Runkel and Nathan Ward have been awarded a $2,500 top prize out of over 700 student participants in a national statistics contest hosted by Pearson using StatCrunch software.

According to Pearson, the goal is to use data sets to tell a uniquely compelling story. Contestants are to submit an analysis report complete with graphs and visualizations using the statistical software StatCrunch. Runkel and Ward’s project attempted to determine if data showing daily temperatures and precipitation levels in two cities on opposite coasts but about equal distance from the equator, have the same climate.

“This team had a very well-written report, with great visualizations and appropriate use of data to tell their story without making assumptions,” said Lisa McNeil, representative for Pearson. “I’m so happy to present this award,” she said.  

While Ward was able to accept the presentation check, team member Runkel is back home in Germany for the summer.

“I was worried it wouldn’t be interesting enough [of a topic],” said Ward. “Thank you [Pearson] for considering me, and thank you to Dr. Grant.”

Pearson hosts the contest annually and Professor of Math and Technology, Dr. Carrie Grant, plans to have her students participate again next year.

Student receiving $2500 check from Pearson representatives

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