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“New Traditions” honors students inducted

Sep 26, 2019

New members of the college’s Honors Program were inducted on Sept. 19 in the Flagler College Solarium. The total of 59 students represent the top 5% of the class. The Honors Program Director Dr. Eric Hoffman welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced a string of speakers and special guests who were treated to a sit-down program and casual refreshments.

Honors students in group photo on terrace of Solarium outdoors.

Flagler College President Dr. Joseph G. Joyner expressed his excitement to see the students excel through their time at Flagler and the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel in four years at Honors Day when students present their capstone projects. The capstone project is the final creative or research-based project required of all graduating Honors Program seniors.   

The program’s emphasis this year will be on “New Traditions.”

The “New Traditions” path of the Honors Program is introduced at an opportune time following Flagler’s 50th anniversary as an institution of higher education. Joyner stated that although Flagler has traditions, some older and some more recent, there is room for more. Any new traditions started by this Honors Program class will seek to be inclusive and challenging in order to enhance the academic culture – a goal of the college’s strategic plan which outlines a goal of creating a transformative academic culture through the strengthening of liberal education, inclusivity and citizenship.

“While forging new traditions is challenging, it is always worthwhile,” said Dr. Rachel Cremona, Honors Program assistant director. “Because just like the traditions that came before them, they will be an expression of values, identity, and personal history. New traditions will bring comfort and character to your community as it is, not as it was.”

2019 Excellence in Pursuit of a Scholarly or Artistic Project Award: Jenna Davenport

2019 Honors Program Excellence in Leadership Award: Madeleine Horrell

2019 Honors Program Excellence in Service Award: Lucas Scotch

To see photos from the event, please go here.

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