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New student organization gaining steam on campus

Nov 2, 2020

New student organization F-STEAM is gaining steam on campus despite the pandemic. President and founder Kyle Clarke recently announced the new academic club on radio show and podcast Flagler Footnotes with host Tonya Creamer. The acronym stands for Flagler College Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Mathematics. The club’s advisor is Professor and Dean of the School of Business, Education and Mathematics Kurt Sebastian.

Clarke had begun the process for approval just prior to the height of the pandemic and the closure of campus in the spring. The organization was officially approved in late spring through the Division of Student Affairs which clears all new student organizations and had also just revamped their process for doing so.

The club’s organizational mission includes bringing awareness to and promoting student interest in the STEAM areas. The club will support an already increasing level of student interest that the college has noticed in the last few years. In addition, the College just this fall formed a Science Advisory Board to lend expertise to students in the science majors.

The organization has already accomplished a lot for a burgeoning club. All activities or events they offer will tie into the areas outlined by its acronym. However, Clarke emphasized that in order to join the club or participate in any of its events, there’s no need to have prior knowledge.

The club is intent on everyone having fun as well as everyone having the ability to engage and interact at every event or activity. That’s why it intends to finish the semester by ensuring to create events that can be accessible to all, including those who may be studying virtually.

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