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New sorority recruiting this fall

Jun 16, 2020

Alpha Sigma Alpha is coming to the Flagler campus starting Fall 2020. This national Panhellenic organization is only the second to be approved for expansion at Flagler and offered as another option for student engagement under the umbrella of the Division of Student Affairs. Lambda Chi Alpha was added in 2017.

Listen to an interview with Krissy Lombardo on Flagler Footnotes WFCF radio show, here.

ASA competed with two other organizations for the coveted approval to expand. Their presentation included stated aims of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development within its members, and fosters achievement of these aims through sisterhood, heritage, and leadership with service. Those on the Sorority Expansion Committee noted a reflection of ASA’s aims in the college’s mission: Social transformation, building upon a legacy of heritage and development of future leaders.

“We felt that their organization was better suited for our community,” said Dr. Sandra Miles, vice president of student affairs and chief diversity and inclusion officer at Flagler.

With headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., ASA is a national sorority. However, Flagler will be the first Florida school with a chapter. The closest chapter to Flagler is at Valdosta State in Valdosta, Ga. ASA does have an alumni chapter closer to campus – Jacksonville – which is about a 45-minute drive from Flagler.

The Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator Tess Tedrick wrote in a recent letter, “An important part of a successful establishment is the help of local and invested leaders who are interested in supporting our mission of developing women of poise and purpose." 

The process for bringing an organization like Alpha Sigma Alpha and those who will aid in its development as mentioned by Tedrick, is a very student-driven group that also includes faculty and staff. When students express the desire for Greek Life expansion, staff and faculty explore the ways in which a new national organization such as this, can be brought to the Flagler community, for the benefit of all community members.

“I couldn’t do what I do without the students…I couldn’t bring something like this to campus if students didn’t want it,” said Director of Student Activities Krissy Lombardo.

It seemed like a perfect fit for many reasons: ASA spoke heavily to Flagler’s core values (transformative learning, thoughtful and inclusive community, citizenship with integrity, thoughtful stewardship), have show a track record of progress and adapting to cultural and social change, and provide leadership development. 

Lombardo lead the charge for deciding which group would be selected. She shared her excitement in the choosing of ASA in a recent interview on the WFCF radio show Flagler Footnotes: “I think that’s what I’m most excited about is to bring an opportunity like this to our students.”

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