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New crosswalks improve pedestrian safety

Sep 24, 2020

The Flagler Office of Business Services started a project in 2017 to begin implementing safety measures in high-traffic areas of campus, which includes the addition of two pedestrian crosswalk signs with blinking light indicators.

Data shows an increase in traffic on both Malaga and Valencia Streets, with much of the traffic seemingly ignoring speed limits. Previously, the College wasn’t able to install crosswalk signs in those locations due to State of Florida jurisdiction over the area, via the Florida Department of Transportation. However, since the project’s inception, the state and City of St. Augustine have begun to install similar signs throughout other parts of the City. This paved the way for the College to request to do the same in the area of its main campus crossing sites. The City will maintain the signs due to right-of-way rules. 

The signs alert oncoming traffic of a pedestrian wishing to cross by flashing lights from the yellow sign situated on the side of the road nearest the crosswalk path. These indicators are located on Malaga Street across from the College’s parking garage, as well as across from Lewis House Residence Hall on Valencia Street.

Just as the City and its downtown residents are continuously looking for ways to improve mobility, so too is the College for its campus community. The Risk Management Team will continue to look for ways to improve the pedestrian experience on campus and “Ensure student safety and reduce the risk of accidents,” said Vice President of Business Services and CFO David Carson.

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