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Meet Lisa Fiala, director of Flagler's International Center

Aug 28, 2018

International programming and support is expanding on Flagler’s campus, and at the helm of the growth is Lisa Fiala, the new Director of the college’s International Center.

Fiala brings extensive experience to the role, having directed and managed multicultural programs in 21 countries. As director, she will lead the charge to provide programs, activities, and services that address the specific needs of international students on campus and develop and promote study abroad activities for students who seek international learning experiences. The new director emphasized the importance of study abroad opportunities for students. “The experience is invaluable,” she said. “It allows students to see and ‘feel’ the classroom in ways that are not possible on campus. It opens doors to new worlds, ideas, peoples and gives them a greater perspective of the world and their place in it.” Flagler will have 113 international students representing 44 countries on campus this fall. Currently five study abroad trips are approved for 2019 with many more in the works. For more information, visit here.

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