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Maiorana-Basas raising awareness about deaf culture

Oct 15, 2018

by Jayda Barnes '20

Michella Maiorana-Basas, assistant professor and coordinator for the Deaf Education Undergraduate Program, ensures new developments in not only Flagler College’s Deaf Education department, but in the education of all those who inhabit the deaf education and culture space.

Her work begins at Flagler, where she is “developing a model for starting conversations.” These conversations teach us to “make it work in a little circle” until we can “expand that circle” to larger communities. One way she has recently started conversations on campus is by helping develop Flagler’s minor in American Sign Language. The minor, which was offered for the first time this fall, provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to immerse themselves in sign and deaf culture courses.

Always willing to share her expertise, Maiorana-Basas reaches out to different audiences through a number of platforms. In February, she co-authored a presentation titled “The Radical Middle: Collaborative research that reaches all students” for the Association of College Educators – Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Tucson, Ariz.

She also mentored doctoral students as part of the National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities and, this March, attended their annual leadership conference as a mentor and panelist in Boston.

Through hard work and dedication, Maiorana-Basas engages audiences both at Flagler and across the country in the discussion on deaf education and awareness.

It was just announced that she will transition into the role of editor for the Oxford University Press journal, “Raising and Educating Deaf Children.”

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