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Legacy families' students join Flagler freshmen class

Aug 27, 2018

Twenty Legacy students arrived on campus this past weekend, joining the 600-plus freshmen class.

Legacy students already display a different brand of confidence, seemingly already comfortable with being the new people. Most likely, this stems from having heard stories about life at Flagler for as long as they can remember. What buildings have been added, what food is best in the dining hall and who you should talk to if you have a question about x, y or z.  

Moving in.

Attending Flagler as a Legacy student is truly the highest compliment one can pay to the college. It means that an alumni family member had enjoyed the Flagler experience so much that they've talked about it incessantly enough to convince the student it is worth it to consider, apply, accept and finally, attend. It also means that someone has shared with the student an honest account of college, and that student has a unique opportunity to come to campus with their eyes wide open, particularly knowledgeable about college life at Flagler. It may already feel like home here to Legacy students. However, Legacy students will be the first to tell you they chose Flagler on their own; that no matter what auntie, mom or sister has said about it, they knew it was the right choice for them. Equipped with this empowered decision-making, Legacy students seem to embody the Flagler spirit early on due to their early exposure to Flagler.

The Pride of Flagler Alumni Award is the highest award granted an alum, and this year, we will have a student on campus whose parent has received this recognition. Flagler appreciates those who've come before, and the marks they've made on our campus community. Though we now want to know not about your auntie, mom or sister's legacy, but 'What's Your Legacy?'. Welcome to Flagler College, Legacy students and all students of the class of 2022.

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