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Kristine Roberts named Flagler College COVID-19 Coordinator

Jul 10, 2020

Kristine Roberts will transfer from her current role to the temporary appointment as Flagler College’s new COVID-19 coordinator, a position that will see her working closely with the College’s Reopening Task Forces as plans continue to develop for a return to face-to-face classes in the fall. Roberts, who most recently served as an administrative assistant in the College’s Education Department, will report to the Assistant to the President and work in collaboration to plan, develop and implement all aspects for COVID-19 prevention, preparedness and response efforts.

Roberts will help coordinate the efforts of all COVID-19 initiatives such as creating and implementing plans, identifying courses of action, providing and coordinating education, tracking case management, generating trend analysis, overseeing the contact tracing process and monitoring isolated and quarantined individuals.

Roberts has a strong background in project management, and previously worked on the planning and implementation of the College’s new strategic plan. She is a Certified Program/Project Manager and Quality Assurance Manager who has worked with Stein Mart, Pfizer, Hartford Investment Management Co., among others.

The new position was created on the heels of the release of Flagler’s Reopening Task Force Report, which provides a framework for Flagler College’s safe opening for the fall 2020 semester amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Flagler College President Joseph G. Joyner determined it was important to dedicate a position to the many planning needs the coronavirus has created, and that Roberts’ project management experience would make her the ideal person to take on the role.

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