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Jacksonville clinic partners with Flagler College consumer behavior course

Apr 20, 2018

Flagler College’s Leslie Gordon welcomed Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), a non-profit clinic in downtown Jacksonville, to be this semester’s clients in her consumer behavior course. Gordon’s consumer behavior class is a senior-level marketing course that blends studies of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and communication.

VIM is a medical clinic that serves the working uninsured. The clinic fills a void in northeast Florida, as it serves the working population that typically does not qualify for Medicaid or cannot otherwise afford insurance premiums and therefore can fall through the cracks in terms of healthcare.

“I began working with VIM, because after suffering a severe health problem of my own in 2011, I know firsthand how valuable quality healthcare is,” Gordon said. “Also, the uninsured working vulnerable could be our favorite server at our neighborhood restaurant, the school bus driver or our daycare/preschool employees taking care of our children, and I am aware of and value the role they play in our lives, on a daily basis.”

Throughout the semester, nine groups of students created marketing strategies for one of three areas: increasing donors, increasing patients at the clinic, or increasing the clinic’s non-medical volunteers. The chosen ideas address issues of practicality, budget, and support of the organization's mission within the three areas.

As is common with past projects in Gordon’s classes, students have an opportunity to partake in an internship after the completion of class in order to help the organization implement the marketing ideas. 

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