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International Education Week to be celebrated on campus

Nov 9, 2020

The week-long programming is an opportunity to celebrate the many benefits of international study and cultural exchange. The week is officially slated to start Monday, Nov. 16 and go through Friday, Nov. 20. However, events on campus begin this week with “Culture Convo: Elections” which will be a group discussion with specially invited guests including Professor and Mayor of St. Augustine Tracy Upchurch.

Jointly supported by the U.S. Departments of State and Education, the week itself is a national recognition of the schools, worldwide organizations, businesses and nonprofits who promote and encourage international exchanges. The Flagler College International Center (FCIC) has expanded the campus programming this year to highlight the contemporary issues for which international studies and cultural exchange can help inform the conversation. Specifically on Flagler’s campus, a new Strategic Plan and its accompanying core values, adopted last year, are also helping to inform the conversations.

“It’s really important to reflect on the fact that we do believe the international education programs help to create a respectful and inclusive community,” said Director of the International Center Lisa Fiala about directing programs towards the core value of creating a respectful and inclusive community. The purpose of the programming is to not just prepare our students to go abroad but also to “Invite the world’s future leaders to the United States to have an experience, have an exchange, to talk about their ideas, and then go to their home country…” and share what they’ve learned.

Many events will have a virtual component or have been pre-recorded so students can access them at a time that’s most convenient for them. For more information about FCIC or study abroad opportunities available, please visit here.

“COVID-19 has had some negative effects, but to find the silver lining it allows us to have traditional experiences…and international experiences on our campus, just makes it more important now,” said Assistant Director Dylan Rasnick. “There’s something extra special about learning outside your home culture,” said Rasnick. “IEW is a great way to begin that journey for our students.”

Fiala and Rasnick recently featured on Flagler Footnotes for a two-part series about this year’s special celebration. You can listen to both episodes by clicking the links below:

Sept. 18, Part 1

Oct. 21, Part 2

The International Center has teamed up with students to come up with "Global Tunes! IEW 2020" playlist on Spotify. To listen along, check it out here.

Events can be found on Saints Connect for details:

Monday, Nov. 2 – Culture Convo: Elections

Wednesday, Nov. 4 – Study Abroad Information Sessions: What are my options?

Wednesday, Nov. 11 – Curricular Practical Training Workshop (for international students)

Monday, Nov. 16

Global Tunes Campus Playlist

International Convos/Sticker Statements

Study Abroad: What are my Options?

Continental Dishes

International Convos/Sticker Statements pt. 2

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Live Q&A Peace Corps at (Co-Sponsored by Career Development Center)

Faculty Prof. Development: Submitting Study Abroad Applications

Trivia Night

Wednesday, Nov. 18

Campus Collage

Culture Convo International Education

Live Q&A U.S. Department of State (Co-Sponsored by Career Development Center)

Movie Screening: "East/West" ("Est/Ouest")

Thursday, Nov. 19

Prof. Development for Faculty/Staff: Advising International Students

Teaching English Abroad Discussion

ICYMI - Prof. Development for Faculty/Staff: Advising International Students

Trivia Night: Part Deux!

Friday, Nov. 20

Peace Bench Dedication

Tuesday, Nov. 24 – Pre Departure Study Abroad Meeting

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