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Hurricane Planning Guide for students and families

Aug 29, 2023

During hurricane season, Flagler College has emergency plans and teams in place, ready to act, if a storm approaches the St. Augustine area.

As Flagler students and families, there is information you need to know and steps you can take to be prepared as well.  


Understanding the forecasts 

Hurricane Season in the Atlantic runs from June 1 through November 30, with peak activity expected from mid-August to mid-October.  

Tropical Depression | winds < 39 MPH  

Tropical Storm | winds 39 – 73 MPH  

Hurricane | winds > 73 MPH  

Warning | conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area. A warning is usually issued 36 hours before the onset of the storm’s winds.  

Watch | conditions are possible within area. A watch is usually issued 48 hours before the onset of the storm’s winds. 


Staying informed 

About the storm: 

About College operations: 

Flagler works closely with local emergency management to monitor storms throughout their lifecycle. Students and employees receive updates on storm activity, student safety protocol, campus operations status, and evacuation plans through: 

  • Omnilert Emergency Messaging System | Students and employees are automatically enrolled in this text service. Parents and families can electively enroll through Flagler’s Omnilert sign-up page. Click the 'Sign Up' tab in the top right hand corner of the page and be sure to check the box for 'Flagler College Families.'
  • Flagler email | Check your Flagler email frequently for mass messages and updates during a storm.  
  • Flagler College News Site 
  • Flagler Family Portal and social media channels 


Preparing yourself and your space 

Before the storm: 

  • Charge your phone and electronics 
  • Get laundry done (you don’t want to be stuck in dirty clothes!) 
  • Shower (in case you lose hot water) 
  • Shut and lock your windows 
  • If you’re on the ground floor, unplug and move everything you don’t need in case of flooding 
  • Lock up valuables in a drawer/storage box 
  • Fill up your gas tank if you have a car on campus 
    • The 1st floor of FEC Abare Parking Garage (1 Malaga Street) will close in preparation for potential flooding. Be sure to move your car from any surface campus lot or the first floor of the garage to the upper levels.  
  • Pack your ‘hurricane kit’ in case of evacuation 

Packing your ‘hurricane kit’  


In case of evacuation 

There will be Residence Life check-out stations in the Rotunda of Ponce Hall, the first floor lobbies of Lewis House and Cedar Hall, and the Commons building for residents of the FEC Complex. 

At check-out students must provide: 

  • Contact information 
  • Plans for evacuation travel 

If you are a student who needs transportation, report to one of the check-out tables as soon as possible so ride-sharing groups can form or other arrangements can be made.  

We encourage studenst to seek a friend or family memeber to stay with, but in the case a student needs to seek refuge in storm shelter, a Flager employee will assist in coordinating.  


Staying calm and acting cautiously 

Storm anxiety and how to handle it: 

  • Stay informed as necessary, but avoid ‘doom-scrolling’ social media. Forecasts shift in the days leading up to a storm, but not on a minute-by-minute basis.  
  • Don’t get caught up in the pre-storm frenzy. With accurate information and caution, you can keep yourself safe.  
  • Relax and lean on your friends and Flagler community.  

Being safe after a storm: 

  • STAY OUT OF FLOOD WATER – downed power lines and other flooded electrical wiring make flood water extremely hazardous.  
  • Don’t drive in flood water – Because of salt water flooding, driving in flood water is not only hazardous for you but also can pose significant damage to your vehicle.  
  • If on-campus, stay inside until otherwise directed by campus officials.  


For more information, please visit the ‘Hurricanes’ tab on MyFlagler  


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