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Hurricane Dorian FAQs

View the themes below as we update you on the answers to frequently asked questions throughout the storm. 

General Questions

Does Flagler College have a hurricane plan?

The college has a hurricane plan that sets out preparation procedures, designates responsibilities to Flagler College administrators and outlines courses of action to be followed in response to a possible hurricane landfall in St. Augustine. The execution and direction of the hurricane plan is the responsibility of the Hurricane Crisis Team consisting of key members of the College administration and staff, including the president, Student AffairsSecurity, communications, food services, and others.  

Are Flagler College officials working with local emergency management officials?

Yes, Flagler College coordinates all decisions with the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management, and college officials are attending regular meetings at the county’s Emergency Operations Center.  

What is a reliable weather source that I can monitor?

 The National Hurricane Center is the best resource to find accurate and up-to-date forecasts for Hurricane Dorian: 

How can I get more information from Flagler in emergencies? 

Sign up for Flagler’s LiveSafe safety app to receive emergency alerts and other security information. Download the LiveSafe app from iTunes or Google Play app stores, signup with your Flagler email and then search for Flagler College. To learn more, visit: Additionally, the official form of communication at Flagler College is email.  

For the latest updates throughout Hurricane Dorian head over to

For residential students, what are the dining options until the College is closed on Sunday at 2 p.m.?  

Dining services will be available in a limited capacity until campus closure: The POD closes today at 5 p.m. and will remain closed while the campus is closed. The Bistro will be open tomorrow until 4 p.m. but there will be no Chick-fil-a available. The Dining Hall will operate under normal hours on Saturday serving brunch and dinner. The Dining Hall will operate until 2 p.m. on Sunday serving brunch only.  


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Hurricane Preparedness

How can I prepare for a hurricane? Or How do I prepare my room/apartment in the case of an evacuation? 

More information can be found on preparing for hurricanes here:

Where should I put my car, scooter, or bike if I live on campus or off?

During Hurricane Dorian, should you need to leave your bike behind, please place it in your dorm room or apartment/house. If you have a valid campus parking decal, you may leave your car in our parking lots or above the 1st floor of the parking garage. However, please remember that when you’re leaving a vehicle on campus, it is at your own risk. 

Will the College provide hurricane supplies to student living on campus? 

Learn more about preparing for hurricanes and Flagler College’s hurricane planning by visiting 

The College will transport any students who do not have safe places to stay in a local shelter. While they are at the shelter, necessary supplies such as food and water will be available. Please contact if you are a student and do not have a safe place to stay. 

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What should I do if St. Augustine is placed under a mandatory evacuation order?

The College has been closed until further notice and all students are required to leave campus by Sunday at 3 p.m. If the city of St. Augustine receives an evacuation order and you are an off-campus student, please review the evacuation routes and shelter information listed here- 

Where can I find more information on evacuations and shelters in St. Johns County?

If possible, it is always best to evacuate to the home of a friend or family member outside of the evacuation area instead of a shelter. Shelters should be considered the refuge of last resort if there is nowhere else to go. St. Johns County will open local emergency hurricane shelters around the county if a mandatory evacuation is ordered, including shelters that are pet-friendly and for special needs. For a list of shelters, please visit:  

When should I evacuate? 

You will be notified of any plans to evacuate as soon as St. Johns County issues a local evacuation order. Make sure to monitor college communication channels for the latest advisories. Once an order is issued, it important to leave the area immediately.

I have already left the area. Should I let someone at Flagler know?

Yes, please complete the online Hurricane Travel form here

When the College closes, what if I do not have a place to go?  

Please notify the Division of Student Affairs at before 5 p.m. on Saturday as they will work with you on alternate places to stay. Our priority is to ensure that all our students have a safe place to go.  

Will there be transportation to the Jacksonville Airport? Any other airports?  

The Office of Safety and Security will be providing transportation to the Jacksonville Airport only. If you need this service please email Please note: If the security office receives a large number of requests they will need to transport students in groups.


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College Advisories and communications

How will I be updated on class schedules and campus advisories?

Flagler College will publish regular advisories on these communication channels:  

Campus e-mail (for students, faculty, and staff)

How often will we be updated about the hurricane?

The Emergency Operations Team is meeting daily, and updates on the status of the hurricane and how it is expected to affect the college will be released on a daily basis. 

How long will I have to get back to campus if we have to evacuate? Will it be an excused absence if I cannot make it back in time?

If there is an evacuation of St. Augustine, Flagler will communicate when the evacuation notice has been lifted and it is safe to return to campus. College officials endeavor to give students as much notice as possible in order to allow for travel time. Academic Affairs and the faculty will work with students who are delayed from returning to campus.


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Absences and other academic-related questions

What if I miss class because of the hurricane?

All faculty will work with students to ensure that they are treated fairly and with understanding. Student safety is our highest priority. We realize that students may face practical obstacles both leaving and returning to campus. Be prepared to communicate with professors through Canvas and to use it as a platform should classes be cancelled for an extended period. 

Will add/drop deadline be extended?  

Due to the closure of the college campus, the add/drop deadline will be extended to Monday, September 9th at 5 pm. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at  

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Returning to Campus

How will I know when I need to return to campus?

Students, faculty, and staff will not be allowed to return to St. Augustine or the campus until authorized by county Emergency Management Officials, and college officials determine the campus is safe and normal operations have resumed. The College will communicate any possible changes to reopening as soon as information is available.   

The College will provide regular updates on the official channels including information on classes resuming and how to check back into campus.

  1. Campus e-mail (for students, faculty, and staff)
  3. Social media:
    • Students- Class of Facebook Pages 
    • Parents- Parent Facebook page  
    • Community/Alumni- Facebook and Twitter 

Where can I get more information about bridge closures for getting back, sorting yard debris and basic clean-up after the storm? is the official St. Johns County Emergency Management website with information on these items and other similarly useful information on the post-storm recovery efforts. 

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