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Graphic design student wins first national ADDY award for Flagler

Jul 18, 2019
by Jayda Barnes, '20

Natalie Harris, ’19, participated in the student division of the American Advertising Awards Competition. Her design for Daily Drip Cold Brew IV Packs won a silver award in the packaging category, making her the first Flagler student to win a national ADDY award.

Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the student division of the American Advertising Awards encourages college students to submit their best designs to be judged. After winning a silver award at the local level in Jacksonville, where she and her peers accrued 12 total awards, Harris won gold at the regional competition before moving on to national level.

Her unique design symbolizes the way people are revived by coffee, just as they are revived by IV drips. Harris is grateful to her professors for the skills they have taught her, especially Professor Smith, whose class prompted the winning design to be created.

“I remember during freshman orientation they talked about leaving your Flagler Legacy behind. It’s beyond fulfilling to have done just that,” said Harris, of winning Flagler’s first national ADDY.

Since graduating, Harris has started working as a designer in Jacksonville and is already encouraging her company to submit designs to the 2020 ADDYs. She also plans to attend the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference in Los Angeles for the second time to continue honing her craft.

“In this industry, you never stop learning,” said Harris. “I am excited to continue to dive into the world of design, while creating my next (maybe) award-winning, big idea.”

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Natalie Harris at ADDY awards


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