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Flagler Faculty Spotlight: Elaina Wahl-Temple

Sep 7, 2023

Elaina Wahl-Temple, Resident Designer and Adjunct Professor, has been at Flagler College for 14 years. She has designed costumes for more than 45 productions. In addition to teaching, Wahl-Temple is an award-winning director and choreographer.

Elaina Wahl-Temple FS graphic

What is your favorite course to teach at Flagler, and why? 

Costume History. I love watching the eyes of the students as they make connections. 

Tell us about your area of expertise and what sparked your interest in this field. 

I started as a performer with my family in a semi-professional theatre company in Baltimore. It was always obvious to me that theatre, in some way, would be my chosen field. 

Which books or resources would you recommend to someone who is first beginning to learn about this field?  

"Theatre as Human Action," by  Thomas A. Hischak 

"The History of Costume," Second Edition by Blanche Payne 

List five words you would use to characterize your style in the classroom. 

Casual, demanding, thought-provoking, personal, creative 

What sets apart the program or specific major you instruct as a great opportunity for Flagler students? 

The subjects I teach are integral cogs in the concept of Theatre Artistry, the focus of the Flagler Theatre Department. But my career is also a model for the significance of a well-rounded theatre arts education.    

Describe your perfect day in St. Augustine:  

Almost any day! 

Professor Wahl-Temple's Awards & Accolades:

  • National Excellence in Design Award from Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for production "The Maids"
  • 9 Regional Awards from Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for costuming 
  • 2 Regional Awards from Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for directing 
  • In conjunction with Flagler's Historic Tours and Legacy store, Wahl-Temple was approached to help create museum-display-grade Guilded Age costumes in honor of St. Augustine's 450th Anniversary. These costumes are still displayed in the Flagler Room.
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