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Flagler College welcomes Dr. Gregory Hawkins as new director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Jan 17, 2017

Dr. Gregory Hawkins has been hired as Flagler College’s new director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, bringing more than two decades of experience in analyzing data and improving institutional operations in higher education to the position. He succeeds Dr. Will Miller, who recently stepped down to join university software and assessment company Campus Labs.

“A lot of great work was done here on a granular level, looking at student outcomes,” he said. “Now, my ambition is to help answer the question ‘So what?’ What does it mean, now that we have all this data? What does it tell us about ourselves and how can we use this to drive us to a higher level of performance?”

Prior to joining Flagler, Hawkins served as the founding executive director for Academic Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville. In his role, he oversaw all planning and measurement of critical outcomes at student, module and program levels. Over time, Hawkins developed predictive models, which could, with a high degree of accuracy, predict how well students would perform on future coursework and exams, based on their performance in previous courses. His skill at interpreting data to pinpoint student challenges enabled faculty and staff to intervene and encourage remediation when necessary.

At Flagler, the new director will be working with academic department chairs to help them articulate their department’s mission, vision and goals and to ensure those are measureable.

“We will be working very closely with faculty, not just episodically, but on an on-going basis, to build their capacity for thinking about assessment and conducting assessment,” he said. “I see this office as an entity to serve them.”

In addition to assisting academic departments with evaluation and assessment, Hawkins is responsible for publishing internal and external reports, providing support for program reviews, accreditation visits and Board of Trustees meetings, and reporting to government and other external agencies.

“Greg brings a wealth of expertise and experience to Flagler from his former leadership positions in institutional research and effectiveness,” said Dr. Alan Woolfolk, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “We look forward to him making a strong office even stronger.”

Hawkins, who attained his doctoral degree in 1999 from Clemson University, is working alongside Kristine Horn, Research Analyst  Report Coordinator, in the Office of  Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

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