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Flagler College students published in a feature of the literary journal, “Third Wednesday”

Apr 11, 2018

Ten students from Professor Lauren Tivey’s Introduction to Poetry Writing class, from the Fall semester of 2017, had worked for months crafting, editing, and polishing work to be presented at a formal reading at the end of the semester. Shortly after, Tivey’s colleague, editor David K. Jibson of "Third Wednesday", offered to publish the students as a feature in the upcoming spring 2018 issue.

Published students include Kate Walsh, Stephen Cripps, Cheyenne Koth, Suzannah Sutton, Lauren Ward, Emily Bloom, Alex Garrett, Phaedra DeJarnette, Marissa Hanson, and Imani Forester. Tivey curated the poems as a group, and wrote a short introduction to the work.

"Third Wednesday" is a print journal known for quarterly publishing poets, writers, and visual artists from all over the world. It is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and published by Gravity Presses. Many poems originally published in "Third Wednesday" have gone on to inclusion in "American Life in Poetry". 

More information may be obtained at their website here.

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