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Flagler College Recognizes Mary Tinlin and Dr. Darien Andreu for 30+ Years of Philanthropy and Kindness

Jun 3, 2022

Flagler College continuously seeks to foster a transformative learning experience, cultivated through a campus community where everyone is treated with the love, dignity, and respect that comes with being part of the “Flagler Family.” Through that community, the College seeks to prepare students to be ethical citizens, problem-solvers, and builders of communities of their own.

This pursuit would not be possible without the generous giving of the College’s dedicated Faculty and Staff members who support the many unique programs and meaningful scholarships Flagler offers its students.

Of the many generous employees who give back to the College, Flagler recognizes Mary Tinlin (Senior Director of Health & Wellness and CARE Coordinator) and Dr. Darien Andreu (Associate Professor of English) for each having the longest-standing history of consecutive giving, with over 30 years of philanthropic support. Their passion and kindness in giving thanks have brought immense joy to the college, and they continue to shed light when times get tough.

Mary Tinlin – Staff, Recognized for Her 31 Years of Consecutive Giving

Mary Tinlin first moved to St. Augustine in 1989, working at the Flagler Hospital. As she grew more immersed in the culture of this historical town, she saw the positive impact that Flagler College had on the students and community. An opportunity presented itself, and she became part of the Flagler family, where she worked for 30+ years while continuing to give back to the college that has given her so much in return.

“I’m inspired to give because I understand the costs associated with going to college, and if I can assist with offsetting that for someone, it provides an intangible gratification,” stated Tinlin. “Also, building and maintaining facilities that reflect a student-centered learning environment or assist with transitioning from home to college is important. You become invested and want to see the institution and students become their best selves, and I like having a small role in the process.”

She has been a rockstar at donating through the college’s payroll deduction program since 2000 and established an endowed memorial scholarship fund in 2007, with her family to honor her brother-in-law, Robert Tinlin. The scholarship has had 13 awards, which provided aid to 10 minority students with financial needs.

“We know that our gift in his memory to help students would please him as much as it has served the student recipients,” stated Tinlin.

The Counseling Center, now “The Tinlin House,” is also named after Tinlin’s family for the constant support and service they bring to Flagler. In Fall 2022, this building will be the hub of Health & Wellness on campus to offer individual & group counseling, wellness coaching, psycho-educational events, workshops, CARE Team assessments, and support & outreach education for all students.

“When approached with the opportunity to provide building renovations to upgrade and expand services to students through a Counseling Center, it was an honor for us to provide the lead gift.  Giving to Flagler helps ensure that students have educational opportunities that combine classroom learning, self-discovery, and health & wellness,” Tinlin said. “The opportunity to give back at any level doesn’t just benefit the student or the institution; it also benefits me. It enables me to help better the lives of the community around me.”

Darien Andreu – Faculty, Recognized for Her 33 Years of Consecutive Giving

Dr. Darien Andreu earned her Ph.D. from Florida State University, focusing on American Literature, Southern Literature, and fiction writing. She joined Flagler College in 1987, where she has spent 33 consecutive years showing appreciation and love to the community through giving via payroll deductions since 1989 and supporting numerous other campaigns over the years.

“I’m energized by the joy of being part of establishing, building, cultivating, and contributing to an academic experience worthy of the architectural beauty we inhabit,” Dr. Andreu said. “By giving, I also wish to honor the remarkable life of James Robin King, my first husband and fellow faculty member, who passed away in 2010. He was a charismatic person, who though, resigned his position in the Philosophy & Religion Department in 1999, continued to teach by way of the noble, simple life he lived.”

Dr. Andreu was inspired to give back when former students of her late husband, Dr. James Robin King, established the Dr. J. Robin King Philosophy & Religion Scholarship, in honor of him. To this day, the scholarship has had 47 awards, which has given aid to 33 students in Flagler’s Philosophy & Religion program.

“In 2005, Robin’s students - Steve Large, Marc Craddock, Tom Murphy, and Jill Nicolino, established a scholarship in his honor while he was still alive, so Robin could enjoy meeting the student recipients,” said Dr. Andreu. “These scholarship founders were still quite young, in their early 30’s. It couldn’t have been easy. But it was done with love and joy, and the student recipients are, to a person, remarkable.”

In addition, several organizations at Flagler College have recognized Dr. Andreu’s compassion and kindness. SGA previously granted her the Teacher of the Year, and Phi Alpha Omega honored her twice as Woman of the Year. She has touched the lives of many and will continue to do so.

If you would like to join your fellow Saints in supporting Flagler’s campus and students, please visit to make a gift today, to sign up for charitable payroll deductions, or contact the Flagler College Office of Institutional Advancement at 904-819-6437.

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