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Flagler College Office of Admissions announces new test-optional application policy

Aug 9, 2018

The Flagler College Office of Admissions announced it no longer requires domestic applicants to submit official standardized test scores.

Under the College’s new test-optional policy, first-year freshmen may submit test scores if they feel the results accurately reflect their personal academic ability, but are not required to submit scores if they feel the results do not align with their demonstrated academic strength in the classroom.

“For some, standardized test results may accurately reflect academic achievement and competency. For others, however, the metric misrepresents scholarly aptitude and growth potential,” said Rachel Branch, director of Admissions at Flagler.

The decision to move to a test-optional application had been widely discussed across campus among faculty and staff, and was overwhelmingly supported by institutional stakeholders after careful consideration and due diligence. The new test-optional policy went into effect on Aug. 1, when the College launched its fall 2019 application online.

For more information about the test-optional policy, contact the Office of Admissions, 904-819-6220, or, or refer to the Office of Admissions webpage for frequently asked questions here.

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