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Flagler College graduates recognized as high-impact teachers

Jun 13, 2018

Teachers across the state recently received from the Florida Department of Education a letter classifying them as high-impact teachers, and among those teachers, 29 were Flagler College graduates, including 16 graduates from the Flagler College – Tallahassee campus.

The criteria to be considered for this list includes performing as a highly effective teacher in the 2017-2018 school year and having taught in English language arts, mathematics or algebra 1 in grades 4 – 10. To then be designated highly efficient is to have a state-level value-added model (VAM) score which is calculated by the state. The DOE website has information regarding the calculations.

In a letter to high-impact teachers, Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, wrote, “We know more than ever about the impact teaching has on student outcomes. With this knowledge comes the opportunity to celebrate successes and to support all educators in their journey to become more effective in the classroom. This starts by recognizing you.”

Dr. Cheryl McCarthy, chair of the education department at Flagler College’s main campus in St. Augustine offered the following message to all education alumni: "Teachers today are faced with many challenges, so we are especially proud of our graduates who mentor, teach, engage, and lead their students in reaching their highest possible potential."

The following are Flagler College alumni recognized as high-impact teachers:

Kayla Abram - FCT
Katheryn Allbritton - FCT
Emily Bridges - FCT
Karen Burton - FCT
Morgan Campbell - Main
Brittney Da Silva - Main
Deana Davis - FCT
Christopher Deluca – Main
Rachel Des Rosier - Main
Briana Fordham – FCT
Suzanne Gentile - Main
Shakilla Gordon- FCT
Carrie Gunter - FCT
Kendall C. Hall - Main
Sherica Howard FCT
Megan Klug - FCT
Caitlyn Likens - Main
Megan McKenna - FCT
Elizabeth McMahon - FCT
Carol Rice – FCT
Rebecca Royal - Main
Amanda Runk - Main
Amber Sheridan - FCT
Stephanie Sheward - FCT
Jessica Skinner - Main
Shannon Sugrue - Main
Kelly Tomberline - FCT
Jennifer Vanderhoof - FCT
Colleen Zemanek - Main

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