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Flagler College Class of 2023: Another year of excellence

May 5, 2023
by Anna Boone

Flagler College will celebrate the academic and personal accomplishments of more than 450 graduates at the Class of 2023 Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 6.

Each year, Flagler’s graduating class boldly exemplifies intelligence, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship- the Class of 2023 is no exception.   

Among the graduates, 59 are student-athletes. There will also be 20 students who completed Flagler’s distinguished Honors Program and will have an Honors designation placed on their official academic transcripts. These students were among the 5% of their class invited to join the program their freshman year.   

This year’s graduating class brought ideas and perspectives from across the country and world, with students from 32 states and two territories of the U.S., and more than a dozen international exchange students.  
The most represented majors across the graduating seniors include Psychology (63 majors), Business Administration (45), Criminology (38), Coastal Environmental Science (33), Graphic Design (27), Digital Media Production & Journalism (23), Marketing (22), Elementary Education (19), History (19), and Hospitality and Tourism Management (19).   

The Class of 2023 will be conferred 414 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 12 Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, and 67 Bachelor of Science degrees. Additionally, five students will have the honor of receiving Master of Arts degrees. These degrees represent rigorous academic journeys successfully completed and a group of students with diverse passions.   

Behind these degrees are countless experiential learning opportunities, of which almost 95% of the graduating class participated in during their time at Flagler. This reflects the College’s dedication to providing Saints with a living classroom, practical on-the-ground experiences, and community engagement.   

Now, these Saints will join Flagler’s robust alumni network, a group of people who continue to prove the value of a Flagler Education.   

Congratulations Class of 2023, on this monumental accomplishment! It is a testament to your drive, commitment, and ability to eagerly follow your passions. 


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